Supplements, Protein Powders, Hydration Mix, Bike Gear Reccomendations

Hi All-
I have finally created a “store” with all my recommended, tried and true sports supplements, recovery mixes, gear and wellness supplements after receiving so many requests over the years.

Full disclosure: these are “Affiliate” links to Amazon - meaning - I get a few cents with each purchase anyone makes through these links. That might just allow me to buy a sock or two some day!

Please let me know if you have any questions about any of the listed items or would like me to add anything. You can access the store via the 360 VELO Instagram “link in bio” as well.


This is great. I thought you also turned me on to Ladder protein too?

Oh. And a magnesium supplement. Don’t I ow if you have a preferred brand

@Gossimrr I added the Ladder protein. I don’t recall that one, but added so that there is a vegan option! Magnesium is there under Wellness Supplements. I chose Magnesium Glycinate from the brand NOW - they are based here in IL and have GMP practices plus their products are Certified Safe for Sport - and they are cheaper than other brands!

Magnesium Glycinate:

  • Highly recommended for athletes, magnesium glycinate is known for its high bioavailability and minimal gastrointestinal side effects. It helps in promoting relaxation, improving sleep quality, and supporting muscle recovery, all of which are vital for athletes. The calming effects of glycine additionally help manage stress and improve sleep, enhancing overall recovery.