Tacx USB Ant Antenna


For those Tacx users out there, I just noticed that Tacx now sells a USB extension with a built-in Ant+ pickup. Historically I’ve run a 6’ USB extension with the Ant+ device at the end to avoid unnecessary drops caused by fan interference. Looks like Tacx sells that product all in one.

Does anyone have experience with this product? https://tacx.com/product/usb-ant-antenna/


Interesting, It looks like this could be used to solve both reception issues, as well as making the connector at the end of the cable water proof. However, at $50 USD, it certainly is pricey compared to it’s alternatives!


Agree! I’ve never really had trouble with my 6’ USB extension and Garmin Ant+ dongle.


Same here Drew…funny that I’d consider using this for my stages and not my trainer. I literally never have drops with the trainer.


Help! I use ipad mainly for zwifting.
Zwo. files appear on laptop/desktop and I can see all Endurance lab rides list on zwift. So I can pick any ride any day and just ride!!!
On ipad, I can only see one days ride on zwift (rides as they appear on Training Peak day by day).
Yes I could use the laptop to ride but it takes ages for all devices to connect (which is why I use ipad, its instant connection to Ticker, wahoo kicker snap, …)
Why is zwift different on ipad and laptop? How can I fix this? @anon30517170 @Coach_Theia @anon48614241


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