The Bone Ride - Milwaukee to Madison and Back

Here is a post that summarizes the info below and includes the most recent video of the ride:

What: The Bone Ride is a 160-mile ride from Milwaukee, WI to Madison, WI and back.

Where: The ride leaves at 8AM from here: . Arrive at 7:30AM to organize and roll at 8AM.

Why: This is an old 7eleven training ride. It’s an easy roll west and a hammerfest coming home east. Here is the route:

When: The ride happens on the third Wednesday of May every year. It’s been going on for over 20 years.

Details: There is not much information on the ride, so I wanted to summarize what I know for others. I understand everyone pitches in $10 for sag support. You can bring a day bag to leave in the truck.

Here is the Facebook Page:

Everone rides out to Madison easy pace (20ish). We will stop for lunch in Madison for 30 minutes. The fireworks start coming home heading east. We are broken up into groups of various speed. Then the hammering begins. The group does not stop for flats or mechanicals, so be ready to help yourself if something goes wrong.

Here is some footage from 2016.

#theboneride #boneride #milwaukeetomadison


Here is some ride footage from 2018. The pace going east was fast. There were two national champions and some Trek factory racers on the front drilling it most of the time… going 25 to 32 mph. It get fast towards the middle. The first 15 minutes are a slower roll out of Madison.

The 2019 Bone Ride is coming it. It’s going to be May 15th this year. If the weather is good, I’m in.