The dreaded FTP test

Well its nearly time to do another FTP test, I have only ever
done two so not exactly sure the best way to go about them. The last time I
went out steady and tried to increase every 5 minutes but couldn’t and then
found it was too late to do anything.

Or the other option is to go out flying and hope you don’t crash
and burn in the second half but at least you gave it everything you had.

I tried this last time and it worked. I held as much as I could for ten minutes and then dropped down about 10 watts or so for about 5 minutes and then for the last 5 minutes I held as high as I could which was higher than the first 10 minutes so it was more of an all out. It was my best result ever. The small 5 min drop really gave me the ability to rest enough so I could finish strong.

Hope this helps.


Here is my recommendation.

Do NOT go crazy in the first minute. This will flood the legs with lactic acid quickly and make it difficult to hold power for 20 minutes. Rather, ease into the effort during the first minute. For example.

If your current FTP is 200 and want to target 210, I recommend starting at 210. During the first minute slowly increase the effort from 210 to 221 watts. For the next 9 minutes ride at 221. This should be doable if you are looking for a 10w increase. Assess the situation after 10 minutes. At this point, you will be slightly below your target because of the 1-minute ramp. If you are feeling good, increase the power slightly for the next 5 minutes. Maybe increase 5 or 10 watts. If you are not feeling good, hold at 221. After 15 minutes it’s all about eating the pain. You just need to overcome the pain and hang on for dear life. Try like hell to hold the 221 and tell your legs to clear the acid. I actually talk to myself and say, “clear the pain”. I’ve been practicing that and it actually works.

If you’ve only done two tests, these should be a positive and exciting experience. Have fun and enjoy the growth!


Is this worth anything?

Well just did my FTP test after 5 wks of the Lab and my ftp was 234.


Great job! Look at how much you had at the end of this effort. Next time you do one you will have a good frame of reference.

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Check out this helpful FTP guide.

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