The Unplugged Recovery Ride

Yesterday I went for a nice 45 min recovery ride outside, and I did not take my Wahoo with me. The purpose was to do a true recovery ride: do what feels easy on the legs, enjoy the scenery… reconnect with the feeling of riding free and allow my mind to wander.

I found this to be helpful physically and mentally. No worries about speed, watts, distance. No miles to be logged on Strava either. I liked it so much that I am doing that from now on on my recovery rides.

I thought I would share in case you feel like trying it as well.


What a wonderful and freeing idea! That is the very reason I don’t have a power meter on my outside bikes. I don’t race so it really isn’t important to me and I want to enjoy my outside rides. I think I will try this on next recovery rides. Thank you!


Yes, that makes sense @bkolden! In the winter, I will try doing the recovery rides on Zwift by hiding the stats from the screen and ignoring faster avatars.


I agree @bkolden This is why I skipped the power meters on my outside bike. @Coach_Theia I always forget about turning the stats off in Zwift. Great idea


Me too @bkolden and @kellynoelharman! No power meter on my outside bikes and my gravel/commute bike doesn’t even have a cadence sensor on it. :smiley:


Love this idea. I’ve thought of just covering the screen on my Garmin on recovery type rides, or making some sort of cover that I could flip up or down.


I did this a bit yesterday. I want to know miles outside if nothing more than the end of the ride. I needed to know it though as it was the first time I rode this trail myself and it was my marker for when I got back to my car. I would’ve figured it out in the end. I was able to mostly ignore the other data and when I noticed it, it was only from looking that way not because I was like what’s my watts. I really tried to just enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

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I agree that I want to know miles to track, and if I’m out for longer than an hour, elapsed time for nutrition.

You can typically change yoir bike computer screen or add a screen/page to show only time and distance.

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