Tom Danielson in Chicago for CINCH my Ride

Tom came into town for a few days to work with the Chicago crew. It was a lot of fun riding with him. Tons to learn. Cycling is more than raw power. There are so many skills to learn that let you go fast without wasting power.

We practiced jumping on wheels, when to accelerate, and how to accelerate. When Tom accelerates it’s like getting smacked in the face. He uses cadence to create the speed. Not raw power.

Tom changes gears all the time. Constantly changing gears to match the terrain.


I :heart: Tommy D! How cool that our coach gets to ride and learn from the best! :revolving_hearts:


Today we were practicing some “race winning” moves. Was a lot of fun. At the end we did a lead out for Theia. So interesting to see and feel the different power profiles of the various rider types.

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It has been great learning from Tom in real-time, practicing all the concepts we have been training for the past several months on the road in all kinds of different scenarios. We also learned how to “read” other rider’s moves and how to approach them- either in the offense or defense. Most importantly, applying the concept of going faster using the minimum amount of energy possible.

Great 4 days and now my legs are happy to be resting!


Oh wow - just figured out who Tom Danielson is!! How cool to have a pro instructing you!! He’s from my state​:+1::+1:

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