Training for Multi Day Cycling Events

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We are planning a one week ride bike tour this summer, in Massachusetts. The plan is to ride about 50 miles per day (300 total). Starting on June 18. I am wondering if you could give me an idea of how to plan the training for it. When do I ramp up the miles? How much should I ride? My idea is that I would start by riding 4 consecutive days, then 5, maybe a few 6s in a row… but I also don’t want to be burnt out by the time it gets here. :rofl::woman_shrugging:t3: As far as mileage each day, I was thinking starting at 20-25 and then up from there but again, timing of things is not quite clear in my mind… any help / suggestions would be appreciated!!!

@Marmen21 here is what I recommend - the progression is important, because you don’t want to ramp everything up at once, as that will only result in injury and fatigue:

Plan your training based on time, NOT distance

  • Between now (as in this week) and April, be consistent with your training plan. That means doing all 3 weekday workouts/ rides and weekend rides every week. Do your best to do the 3 weekday rides back to back, and weekends also back to back, as we have them on the schedule
  • Also starting this week, have one of your weekend rides be 2h long - either Sat or Sunday.
  • Starting in April, continue with the plan above, but increase your weekend ride duration. Have Saturday be 2-2.5 hs and Sunday be 3-3.5hs, back to back.
  • Starting in May, increase the duration of your weekday rides to 1.5-2 hs and weekend rides to 3hs. Use these rides to dial in your nutrition and hydration. Mondays and Fridays are OFF - meaning 100% rest- no other activity
  • Plan on one epic weekend of 2 back to back 4h days, one month before June 18th. You will need some extra recovery after that weekend- (i.e., 2 days off, 3 easy days)
  • 2 weeks before June 18th is a recovery week - super easy rides and lots and lots of rest
  • 1 week before June 18th is taper week - light workouts/drills

Very important: keep up with workouts. Doing high intensity/interval work is what will make the biggest difference for you!!!

Do not do 4-5 consecutive days in training. You don’t need it and it will only make you too tired.


Thank you @Coach_Theia! Will do my best to follow this per your suggestion. I did ride this morning but will adjust as recommended. Appreciated!!!

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