Training plan for multi-day ride

Hello! I am looking for training tips/plans to prepare for a 3-day ride at the beginning of June. It is the Fight for Air Ride, 50 miles per day. Last year I trained for (and completed) my first-ever century ride and found plenty of training plans for that distance. Is there anything that should be added or done differently to be ready to tackle multiple days in a row?

I am in my late 40s and have done very little riding since Tour Du Zwift in January. I had stem cell injections for arthritis in my knees about 6 weeks ago and am just getting cleared to increase my intensity.

Any advice is appreciated!

Hi @NUGirl! The plan for a 3 day event of that distance is similar to preparing for a century in some ways but I would recommend that you incorporate intensity workouts and back-to-back training days between now and then.

Careful when increasing intensity as your knee/tendons/ligaments get reacquainted with the hard work. You really only have about 6 weeks, so it will need to be a smart balance between increasing time, intensity and getting proper recovery.

Here are a few guidelines for your situation:

  • Combination of workouts and longer rides- for example, workouts indoors on the trainer during the week and build saddle time on the weekends.
  • Build slowly starting with 1-2 intensity workouts during the week, then Sat/Sun longer rides but easy for the first 2 weeks
  • See how you are feeling and if all is going well, do 2 intensity workouts in the week, one easy ride in between, then Sat/Sun longer rides, now incorporating a few efforts/intensity using the terrain/wind.
  • You will probably need a recovery week in week 3 or 4.
  • Easy week one week before the event- recovery- keep active on the bike by riding easy outside for one to two hours and doing one or two easy rides on the trainer (skills/openers/neuromuscular)
  • The combination of intensity and Sat/Sun rides prepare for the event- you won’t need to do the same distance back to back for 3 days to get ready.
  • Remember-- long rides serve as “dress rehearsals” for fueling (hydration/nutrition) so you can test and find what works best for you.
  • Ride in harsh conditions outside if you can- wind, rain, heat, etc if you might encounter those.

Hope this helps! And if you want a custom plan I am happy to help.

Good luck- let us know how it’s going.

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Following. I have a 7 day event in September.