TrainingPeaks - Threshold Increases

Hi all

Looking for some general feedback.

Just to put this into perspective. I’ve been using TP to track data for the last 6 years. I have a lot. I’ve also been tested for both my run and bike thresholds and Vo2’s with proper equipment in a lab type scenario.

Occasionally, maybe once every six months, TP suggests an increase based on an actual Time Trial or Race effort. These suggestions are small, 2 or 3 watts (So I know I’m not bullshitting myself either way). I know Garmin suggests Vo2 increases but I’ve actually never been able to simulate lab efforts on a run or bike race for Vo2. I’m also aware that Vo2 max is not something that you can’t actually increase much.

I use these number purely for training, I don’t race based on numbers, I race because of the training I’ve done with the numbers.

My question is therefore, should we be updating these numbers as suggested, or should we be updating these numbers at a given time. By given time I mean after a 12 week block or at the end of a season etc.

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Hi Garron,

I would not change your VO2 Max based on the Garmin, but I would make changes to FTP based on a Time Trial or race effort.

The VO2 test from the lab is far more reliable than the formula Garmin uses. And yes, VO2 Max can be improved but it is largely determined by genetics. FTP on the other hand, can be a better estimate when calculated based on an outdoor effort- ideally 60 minutes long as opposed to the traditional 20 minutes, but as you said, it is a training tool. So I’d accept those FTP changes and if the workouts get impossible, you can always adjust as needed.

More specifically to your numbers, based on your TT yesterday and your workouts in the past few weeks, I would bump your FTP by those 4-5 watts right now.

Lastly, I usually recommend FTP bumps to athletes I work with periodically based on their performance and without the need of an FTP test.