Traveling with your bike

Howdy all
I a couple of short weeks, I travel to Boston for work training and will be there 4 weeks. I have a big ride trip in Oregon in July so cannot afford to lose fitness. The hotel gym is not sufficient and each weekday is a 12 hour day (does not lend itself to going to any other location). The three weekends will have free time. Have decided to somehow conquer bringing my bike and my trainer (Tacx Neo -42ish lbs). Borrowing a hard shell bike carrier. Trainer will go in ‘something’. Have never traveled with my bike (away trips have had bikes provided). Any tips/suggestions?

Hi Joan, @dfriestedt and I have used Bike Flights several times with great success:

They are very reliable. Several of our friends use them too. They can pick up your bike from the bike shop or home and deliver to a hotel, a bike shop or a house. What I usually do is have my local bike shop box the bike and then I have it delivered to a bike shop at the destination so they can assemble it for me.

Bringing the trainer is a great idea as well, because it’s not always easy to find safe routes away from home, plus you will have those long days. I wonder if Bike Flights would also ship your trainer- worth checking.

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Bike flights is great and not too expensive considering that if you travel with your bike most airlines charge you a fee of around $150 each way. From the post, looks like someone is lending you a bike case but for others that might need bike cases for traveling with your bike, I recommend SCICON bags. They are expensive but in my opinion, they are worth every cent, especially the 3.0 versions for road or triathlon bikes. The only thing you take off your bike are the wheels which go in an inside compartment of the bag. Everything else stays as is, you don’t even have to take the pedals off! And it’s super easy to roll the bike case around the airport or wherever you go!


That sounds like my kind of bag… no bike disassembly or assembly required!! And they have a 40% off sale this weekend, I think I might need to jump at the opportunity… :thinking: we have only one case- it requires disassembly and can’t be use with disc wheels (Thule hard shell)

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I got mine last year when they were doing a super deal for the Alberto Contador Foundation Cycling team so my bag is branded as if I ride for that team :laughing:

How do bikes not get smashed when in bags stead of boxes? My luggage takes a beating

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I wish I could say that people handling bikes at the airport are more careful but I don’t think they care… I travel with my bike quite a bit and the bags do take a beating. As for the bike, my only issue has been with bent derailleur hangers so I always carry a spare in my saddle bag in case it breaks when I straighten it.

I’m wondering if anyone knows of a bike shop in Tempe I could rent a road bike from. I’ll be there but for such a short period of time that I don’t want to take my bike. I will be there in a couple of weekends and I can probably ride either on 1/18 or 1/19… Thanks in advance!

@Marmen21 Trek stores are usually a safe bet. I’ve also used

In Arizona, Landis is a reliable store chain.