TSS Score without power meter or HRM?

I really enjoyed my first workouts (with no ERG-whoa! Eye opener but so much better!) and am enjoying using Training Peaks. Question: if I do a ride with no power meter or HRM I will not get a TSS score? Is there a way to add a score and if so how would you estimate that? Perhaps it’s not possible. I find the performance metrics super interesting. I bike courier 2 days per week with no HRM or power meter and wonder how they are affecting my fitness, fatigue and form. Tried to look in Training Peaks but couldn’t find an answer so thought I would ask.

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I found this online.

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I tried a training ride outside with Garmin last weekend- I haven’t done that before, I’ve been doing all my structured sessions indoors on Szwift. Worked better than I expected, well except for the hills not exactly matching the timing of intervals and the Garmin alarms constant beeping (must turn those off!!!) :joy:


Thanks Debbie. That’s what I’m hoping to do (estimate training stress) but I only have Training Peaks. I am not sure what Trainer Road is? Maybe I can look into that as well…

I just figured out how to manually put in a TSS score! I just had to open my activity and I could put it in. Now the trick is guessing what the actual TSS score is!

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@dirtgoddess if you create a new workout and add the following info:

IF (intensity factor in decimal form of the % of FTP you expect to ride at)

The estimated TSS will auto-populate.

But more important than TSS is to journal how you feel on ALL training and riding days. Enter in post-activity comments and over time you will know the impact these have on how you feel.


Thank you so much for this! I will try this. And great idea about journalling how you feel.

Does anyone know how to record the core workouts in TrainingPeaks? If I go under Daily Core, there is a Record Workout button…and it just takes me to the Wahoo app (that’s what I used with my HRM). I believe I was able to record this once along time ago. No big deal, just helpful with accountability on my part. I see that I can also do only the journal part.

@mapmeister are you looking to record HR into TP?

Yes - but if you don’t know how to do that’s fine :grinning: I know it really doesn’t mean that much, just helps hold me accountable.