Types of Carbs During Workouts


I’ve just ordered some tart cherry juice to see if it will help my sleep issues - when it arrives I’ll try it as a workout boost.
I was once flagging badly on a workout and got Hannah to administer a teaspoon of maple syrup - it gave me a good boost and gave her a good laugh as apparently it was like trying to feed a baby having a tantrum as I was still pedalling hard


My quick energy when I need some on long rides is raisins. I keep a small bag of them in my top tube bag and eat between larger food stops.


@Michelle - RE Tart cherry juice - I’ve been using it for a while now to help with inflammation/migraine prevention. It tends to make me very tired, so I don’t think it would be good to take before/during a workout, but rather after to help with recovery. I use Untapped Maple syrup packets - totally awesome! I never even liked maple syrup until they had some shots on a big gravel ride I did. It gave me such a boost that I’m totally hooked on it now!


Will try maple syrup! Cool. I’ve never liked GU.

I take 200ml cold tart cherry juice 30 minutes before bedtime. The juice helps with your body’s own melatonin production, and the cold temperature helps drop your core temp to signal to your body it’s time to slow down the system for sleep. Highly recommend. It seemed to have taken about a week before it really started working. I am in menopause so quality sleep has become an issue…


I tried one of the maple syrup waffles on a ride the other day and it was so overly sweet I almost couldn’t get it down. I wonder how liquid maple syrup would do.


I like the salted caramel honey stinger waffers… and Skratch Labs bars- they are sweet and just a bit savory.


I’ve had other waffles and they are ok. I like the chocolate ones. Only real downfall is that they crumble when I shove them into a jersey pocket.