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[360 VELO] water bottles just in time for the Holidays! These are Specialized Purist water bottles, high quality, 26 oz (770 ml). This is the biggest size that will fit in a small bike frame. I use them on my 50cm and 54cm frame bikes.

Get them at cost + shipping that’s right, I am offering them at cost (USD 10.00) plus shipping. Please let me know below or via PM if you’re interested!


Is it possible to tell me what shipping would be to 46383?

@Reneea2002 shipping is between $3-$5 standard mail anywhere in the US.

Can i buy 2 of them please?

Sure! I’ll just charge the credit card you have on file if that works for you? I’ll let you know when it ships.

That works for me. Thanks

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Love love love mine!! :purple_heart:

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I need to get one or two! How do we get them? Finally feeling my head clear and I can think.

Just let me know how many you want and I can charge the credit card on file if that works for you! $10/bottle plus shipping (about $5 in the US)

@Coach_Theia could i get 1 bottle please

@Mich23 sure! Will ship it tomorrow!

Thank you!

@Coach_Theia any chance you’re around I can stop by and get a couple? I need to get up to Evanston to pick up another Christmas gift you can text me 312-758-2068

Yes, sure- will text you