Waves Z-Noise - Zwift Live Streaming Adaptive Noise Reduction Software


I’ve been working to eliminate Adobe Audition Adaptive Noise Reduction from our setup. I’ve discovered VST3 plugins that work with vmix and OBS.

These plugins are designed to work with professional quality sounds mixers, but can also work with streaming software that work with VST3 plugins. You can search the plugins here: https://www.waves.com/plugins There are numerous great plugins. You can find a DeEsser, audio levelers, and multiband compressors. The tools are amazing.

I’m testing our Z Noise. You basically sample the background noise (fan with trainer noise). The system learns the sound and creates a sound profile of that noise.

Then you enable adaptive noise cleaning and it initially uses the sound profile and then changes that profile based on the noise it finds on the fly. The noise cleaning causes a delay that you need to adjust for. Based on your sample rate, you need to delay the video by these amounts translated into frames per second.

20 PM

You can read the Z-Noise manual here. Adobe Audition does not have any adjustments to their adaptive noise reduction plugin. Z-noise is adjustable, and once you read the manual it’s pretty easy to figure out.

We are going to try this out on Chat and Chill tomorrow. Fingers crossed for no implosions.

I got a 10% off coupon for readers of the forum. You can get them by clicking here: Power your creative productions with Waves .

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