What is your main cycling or triathlon event/race for the year?


With the Evil Elf Himself, and a few cherished others - off to Denmark, in July, to race the ITU World Championship Long Course Triathlon.


Off to Denmark in July for the ITU world Championship long course triathlon with Coach Ian Murray ,Seth and a few other athletes


Oh bother. I hadn’t set myself up for notifications from the forum. Didn’t realise there was as much UK British cycling chat.
On that - we’re registered and paid up so anyone who joins BC can and should affiliate to Team ODZ now. Sorted. Andy J and I are the two contacts for the club now basically … I’ve got it set up for now and morenin that later now that we can affiliate.


This year: think I’ll ride round and round a forest in the snow.
And the after that have two MTB Enduro / XC races to do. One in April and one in October.
April is 10-11 hours - and October is a sprint event (5 hrs) with special tech stages thrown in.
Working with the coaches here to ready myself for these. Endurance Labs all the way.


My main event is raising my now 8 month old girl! But I would also like to do some local IRL short time trials, do some races in zwift (can I race for ODZ?!) and I’m probably entering the Jersey Sprint Traithlon in July which is Sprint distance swim (750m) and run (5k) but Olympic distance bike (40k) which considering I don’t have time to swim or run much at the moment will suit me better than the Olympic distance race which I’ve done the last few years. Also in September the Triathlon Super League is being held here so will likely take part in that for a corporate “fun” team; not a “goal” as such but to take part in an event where the Brownlees and other world stage triathletes are is such an opportunity!



Woot @jackie.delph! Definitely race for ODZ!!!


Jackie- yes! Join Team ODZ- check out this post: https://discuss.360velo.com/t/checking-in-on-our-awesome-ladies/321/114?u=coach_theia


Does it matter that I’m not super fast?! I’m probably only able to do 2-2.5 watts per kilo right now? :grimacing:


No need to be super fast! We have other ladies in the same w/kg range!!


Great I will get cracking towards the kit! Also keep up the diet and try up that w/kg!!! I learned the other day that tall riders get penalised in zwift! I’m 5’11”. But if a lady has lower power and less height than me but equals the same w/kg she will be faster than me! Doesn’t seem fair… so I may chop some of my legs off?


They have a Super League event in Penticton this year so I may get a chance to watch some of it. Should be interesting.


I qualified for the USAT Age Group Nationals in Cleveland, August 2018! It is an Olympic distance triathlon. I was a competitive swimmer growing up so that is my strongest leg. Biking is getting better, especially now since I’ve started on Zwift and my Wahoo Kicker! Running is my toughest leg.


Congratulations @Janine! Good luck!


That’s exciting! Interesting about swimming being your strongest leg. I think I remember @anon30517170 mentioning that the swim is usually the weakest for many triathletes. Keep training the bike and you’ll be unstoppable!


Congrats Janine! That is wonderful!


My A race this year was Ironman 70.3 Victoria, BC on Sunday. I used @anon30517170 Long Course Plan which worked out very very well. The plan dropped in seamlessly into the previous Endurance Labs I did. I finished the lab and then started the Long Course Plan at Week #3.

This is the first time to use a watts based plan and race using watts (vs by perceived perception and heart rate). I was not as wiped out at the end of the cycling segment and this race had hills. I seemed to be more efficient on the bike. Which translated to fun!

I had thought I would take 8 hours (cut off is 8.5 hours). Instead I finished in 7:35 hours. The race had 1330 participants. I came in 14 out of 18 (who finished) in my ladies 60-64 age group. Thanks @anon30517170! Here are a few pictures. Tina


You look like you were having fun! Way to go @goldendogy! Really well done!:tada:


@goldendogy. Way to go! You are smiling through it which is truly the most important part! You did better than you expected too!


@petals Full disclosure - There were times I was not smiling and it wasn’t pretty, but I didn’t post those. Most parts it was good. Tina


Congrats Tina!!! The hard work paid off!