What is your main cycling or triathlon event/race for the year?


We have some great gravel grinders in the area during the fall and it’s great mountain biking weather.

I will try to hit a few cross races. One of the bike shops runs a weekly Wednesday night cross training series under the lights. We also have some fun cross events in the area. I do not have full range of motion in my right wrist (plate and 8screws) and was unable to bend it to lift my bike last year. It will be interesting to see how it goes this year.

Look forward to hear about your experiences.


I did it. Podium’d my last triathlon of the season!


Congratulations @adm0629! What a fantastic way to end the season! Really well done!


@adm0629. Great job! It’s nice seeing your hard work paying off!


Congratulations!!! Time to celebrate!!! :tada::muscle::confetti_ball:


Fantastic Angie!! Congrats!


@adm0629 Congrats! Love the picture on the podium! Great way to end the summer. Tina


Hello everyone! I’m going to make my first post a “rule breaker” by telling you my goal for 2019 instead of 2018. :wink: I want a significant improvement in my performance in the Paris (Ontario) to Ancaster race in the spring. It’s a real mixed bag of pavement, gravel, trail, farmers’ fields… My plan is for all around improvements in cycling strength and hopefully lose a few kg just to make those climbs quicker.
Also, congratulations to everyone above who had a successful season so far. I look forward to being part of this discussion group.




Welcome Marc! I shall update the title of this thread :wink:


Looks like a great event. What distance are you planning to race?


I will race the longer course. Last year I think it was 70k, but it varies a bit depending on the conditions and the cooperation of the landowners. Last year there was a “scandal” when some entitled cyclists broke the rules and rode the route in advance, which meant going on people’s property, spooking livestock and, in one instance, riding through a family event. They were banned.


might be handy https://www.trainingpeaks.com/blog/triathlon-race-checklist/?utm_source=tpnu&utm_medium=email&utm_content=nonuser&utm_campaign=20180929_weekly_news_nonuser

i have a sheet i have typed up on my PC with a checklist and print it off every race as my check so that i dont forget anything


Did my first cyclocross event of the year. I did ok. 24th of 72, but I did it on a mountain bike instead of a cross bike. Still trying to convince the wife that I “need” one. Here is what it looked like:



Yep, you NEED a xbike. You can tell your wife that I recommended it, and I’m old…and a Canadian, which must count for something.


My main goal for 2019 is to not have any major crashes or break any bikes or bones. Sounds easy enough, but it has proved quite challenging for me over the last two years!

Fingers crossed!


Don’t set goals that are impossible to achieve.


After some solid work, she just told me this morning that I need to go order the bike with my LBS today so I can race on it next weekend.


“solid work”: please be more specific so that I may also use this strategy with my partner.


I sure am lucky… I have a really good CX bike (2016 Trek Boone, electronic shifting, disc breaks, carbon wheels) which I have been using on gravel. Started racing CX this season and Drew starting commenting how my bike is heavy and maybe we should get a lighter one if I really get into CX…

But yeah, you definitely need a CX bike, Ian! My race this weekend will be a mud pit, so I am on my way to the LBS to get some mud tires!