Women Race Series in Zwift

I just came accross this link that shows all available women’s race series in Zwift and thought it would be helpful to share here:


Anyone else doing the WTRL Champagne series? First race (out of 5) was this week. I am jumping on it starting next week as part of my new team (Turbo)! I am racing in the US mid-day time slot.

Link: https://wtrl.racing/WTRL-womens-empowerment.php


Very interested if it fits my plans :slight_smile:

@Coach_Theia are you doing A or B? Im doing B to enjoy a chance to do well :smiley:


I might.

But then that would be 3 days in a row (not that I’m opposed, I’m aiming for now until the end of the year to be a cycling block) of the iTT, USAC (I’m going to ride this until I’m sure I will win the year just to see what it is) and Thursday I’ve started (but can opt out) of the WTRL TTT as a team building exercise.

That still leaves 4 days a week to get the other rides in. :grin:

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I plan to participate in the Empowerment series next week. Skipped this week since I had a short outdoors MTB race in addition to the program. Have enjoyed the past two Empowerment series - I’m a WTRL Women member - and excited that I can sign up according to category this time. I am a lower cat C, so it’ll be pretty hard, but it pushes me - my goal is to become more of a steady mid-C rider in the next months.


I’ll be in Cat A @Silje, probably coming in at the bottom every time! I am glad you are racing in B. It’s interesting because by some mesures I am an A and by others, a B.

@vivian.a.workman that’s a lot of back-to-back racing! You are an experienced athlete, so I know you will keep an eye on fatigue and recovery.

@nina and that’s OK, you can still learn quite a bit from it.

Me! I have been doing the Thursday TTTs after enjoying that part of Tour de Boudicca so decided to give the Tuesday racing a go! Did the first on this week. Cat D, came 5th out of 64. It felt tough but not undoable and I managed to get out of the pen with the lead group and stick with them so was able to take advantage of the group draft when I needed it.
Will definitely give it another go…


I did this one Tues eveing - @Tracyligemagreen i saw you killed it!! I’m at 18th that KOM well, I’m hoping not to see it again for awhile after riding it twice in less than a week :joy:


Thank you @PaleGail xx

Looking at the times. I hope they expand them later in the month. 5:45am (nope), 1:30ish (work) and then 8pmish(I really don’t want to race that late multiple days in a row)

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