Workout clothes for gym / strength

If anyone is looking for workout clothes, I highly recommend this brand. Their gear is very high quality and not as pricey as some other brands you find at the mall. What I particularly like about them is that they have great cut in leggings and shorts, so you don’t get that awful annoying snag “down there”.

I think this link gives you $25 off your first purchase. They are having a sale right now.


I’m looking at these sport bras and realize I would only need to buy one of them because I will never be able to get it off once sweatt :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Agreed @Petals I don’t even this I could contort myself enough to get one on.

I never tried their bras! I only buy their leggings, and they are the best quality I’ve ever purchased. That’s why I posted it here. I also just received 2 jackets and shorts I ordered from them and love the fit as well.

Here’s some fun reading for you @Petals and @Gossimrr :laughing:

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@Stefanie this is spot on!

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@Stefanie - So funny and so, so true!

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On the topic of the sports bra- now I’m curious. What makes these bras harder to put on/take off than the ones you all wear right now? Does yours have a clasp? Sometimes I take mine off by getting out of the straps and sliding it down my legs if it’s too wet.

Here is another popular brand. Haven’t tried it yet tho. Lauren Pak wears it in her videos @Covi

I just ordered a few tops from NoBull:

It’s all those straps. I just have two straps. One for each arm. These have multiple straps. .

Oh yeah, forget multiple straps!! Plus, I never wear just the sports bra to the gym, there is always a top over it, so no point in having the sports bra be “too cute” lol

Yes- it’s the multiple straps. I can barely pick the right hole for my head in a sweatshirt. I also have fairly wide shoulders and not a whole lot of flexibility.
I will admit even with my sports bras now, I need rescuing by Rick half the time :rofl:

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It’s also that they are sort of compressive and don’t have lots of stretch, or they do stretch but not very easily. So even if I get my arms and head in the right place, the darn thing always gets rolled up and stuck somewhere around my shoulders. Then I need to use my contortion arms to reach around the back and untangle everything so I can pull it down before I can get the front all sorted out. Getting it off when I’m sweaty is another matter. I’ve gotten so stuck in it before that James had to help me get it off because I couldn’t move my arms :laughing:

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