Workouts and Routes

Here’s my newbie question: After I select workout assigned for the day, should I choose a route or just hit “ride.” I was in Innsbruck today with the overs and unders. I know I’m slow but not 5 miles in an hour slow. I am ignoring everything but recommended rpms, but to finish with only 5 miles was a little disillusioning…

You can select whatever course you like @Prilla . In workout mode, you are essentially riding flat in that you will not get the resistance for elevation like on a non-workout ride. The avatar is impacted by the hills so going up a steep one you will drop like that in mph/kph
I tend to pick flatter routes as I usually want the miles and I get frustrated when my avatar creeps along at 4 mph. I did do hillier routes toward the end of summer trying to finish off getting my Tron so now it does frustrate me less.


:biking_woman:Thank you for that explanation @PaleGail. I was choosing prettier routes but it didn’t matter as I had my eyes on watts and cadence the whole time anyway. :joy:

@PaleGail, Thank you so much for your explanation. Another “dumb” question— How do you know what are flatter routes? I will doing some googling to see if I can figure all this out but know any insight is so appreciated! And, RIDE ON! :blush:

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I use for information on routes as well as tracking which ones I’ve done and not.


@Prillanalso when you select a route on Zwift, you can see what the elevation is and it gives you a preview. Hope that helps

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@Matilda444 and @gosimrr, just perfect. i’m off to study the routes!!! Thank you so much!!!

Help! I by accident forgot to put my workout on Sunday and my optional ride for today on my training calendar. The data from my optional ride went into the workout listing. I moved the workout over to Sunday but I don’t know if I should delete data and does “delete file” mean delete data but not workout?
Thank your for sharing a fix if you know one!

@Prilla Don’t delete the file. Take a look at the link below and almost at the bottom of the page you will see the explanation on how to unassociate the files.


First off, thank you, Covi, for sharing this link. I did the first step and lo and behold, I have a blank workout ready to do today. But, for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to do the 2nd step to get the data to the “optional ride” file. When I hit “edit” I do not have the choice to upload the unassociated file to the optional ride. I don’t get the choice to select the structured workout like the directions say. If you have any ideas, please share and if you don’t, not to worry. You were great to at least get it so I can do the workout today. Again, thank you!

@Prilla, the optional ride and the ride you did need to be on the same day, move the optional ride if it isn’t. Open the ride you did that you want to pair with the optional ride (this is the one with the data, not the optional ride). Then click on the little arrow next to the ride name. In the menu that drops down you should see the name of the optional ride there. Click on it and Today’s Plan will pair it up with the ride you did.


Thank you @Stefanie! Between you and @Covi, my problem has been solved. So grateful! Off to do my workout that is back in Zwift! All because of you 2! :blush::biking_woman:


What is the name of the workout for Tuesday this week? My workout is skills and torque that I already completed.
Also, some of my workouts that I have moved to a different day will not show up on Zwift. I’ve logged out of my accounts and back in but still does not help. Any suggestions?