Workouts and Routes

Here’s my newbie question: After I select workout assigned for the day, should I choose a route or just hit “ride.” I was in Innsbruck today with the overs and unders. I know I’m slow but not 5 miles in an hour slow. I am ignoring everything but recommended rpms, but to finish with only 5 miles was a little disillusioning…

You can select whatever course you like @Prilla . In workout mode, you are essentially riding flat in that you will not get the resistance for elevation like on a non-workout ride. The avatar is impacted by the hills so going up a steep one you will drop like that in mph/kph
I tend to pick flatter routes as I usually want the miles and I get frustrated when my avatar creeps along at 4 mph. I did do hillier routes toward the end of summer trying to finish off getting my Tron so now it does frustrate me less.


:biking_woman:Thank you for that explanation @PaleGail. I was choosing prettier routes but it didn’t matter as I had my eyes on watts and cadence the whole time anyway. :joy:

@PaleGail, Thank you so much for your explanation. Another “dumb” question— How do you know what are flatter routes? I will doing some googling to see if I can figure all this out but know any insight is so appreciated! And, RIDE ON! :blush:

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I use for information on routes as well as tracking which ones I’ve done and not.

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@Prillanalso when you select a route on Zwift, you can see what the elevation is and it gives you a preview. Hope that helps

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@Matilda444 and @gosimrr, just perfect. i’m off to study the routes!!! Thank you so much!!!