Would you be interested in live coaching workouts?

Hi All!

I know everyone here is on Zwift, and we have done meetups and workouts together. But if you had the opportunity to do a workout live with me coaching you outside of Zwift, would you be interested?

The way it would work is, you would use the same computer and trainer you have for Zwift, but you would log into a special app for a virtual class. You would see me and all other participants in the video, and a screen showing the workout we would follow along together. I’d be able to see your numbers (power, cadence) and body position/pedaling form, etc. and provide real-time feedback.

Is this something you’d be interested in for training on a regular basis?

I don’t know that I will be able to provide this and also don’t have insights regarding cost- for now I am just trying to gauge interest.

Thank you for your feedback!

I would be interested. A little scared but interested. hehe

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Interested but not committing. I know you are only asking interest!
Also don’t know if my computer has enough memory for more platforms.

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Definitely interested to find out more once you figure out what you can do

I would be interested. Immediate feedback and / or tips during the training ride would be helpful. What frequency? Maybe monthly but weekly might be too much for me.

Absolutely interested. Glad to learn more


interested and would like to learn more

Interested but not sure I could committ to this unless it was a seasonal option.

@Coach_Theia I would be interested but of course timings may pose a problem. Like others it would also depend on frequency and ability to run the platform.

Late to the party. Yes I would be interested. Just depends on dates and such. I’ve got a few events coming up (April 16th is my annual half marathon trail race sweep, May 1 is the Pittsburgh half marathon and the following week I have NCARB).