Your next PR is closer than you think!

Hey ladies,
By now you know that core strength is the key to endurance…a strong stable core allows you to efficiently transfer power from one pedal to the other. A strong core also helps you to maintain your forward flexed posture on long climbs without having your low back talk back to you.

You may or may not know about The Endurance Hub: something that I created 90 weeks ago to teach women just like you…how to find and strengthen their core without wasting time. I emphasize the “find” part because all too often we do the exercises, as told by well intentioned instructors, but they’re missing a big part…what exactly is your core and how do you make those muscles work?

My method has gained traction with some of @Coach_Theia s members here because it works. They’re feeling stronger, more connected…and they even clamored for me to start a strength training program so that’s also available inside the Hub!

I’m welcoming new members next week. So if you’re interested in doing that one thing that can change everything [committing to core strength], join the waitlist here.

P.S. got questions? Just reply and I’ll get back to you!