Zwift Academy Baseline Ride 2022

Hi All! I thought it would be interesting to post about our ZA baseline rides and results so we can look at the efforts and discuss some of the elements that we can associate with each rider type (or phenotype).

The goal is not to compare w/kg, but to find similarities and differences in the graphs for the short, medium and long segments/efforts and see if we can draw any conclusions. It will be also interesting to see how each rider type approached the efforts (all out, vs. steady, more or less variation, etc.)

If you are interested, please post a screen shot of your effort from Today’s Plan along with your phenotype. You may just write “Sprinter”, “Pursuiter”, or “Time Trialist” or post the screen shot of what you received from Zwift with w/kg, whatever you are willing to share!

I did my ride yesterday and will post below as soon as I get the results. Thanks! This will be fun.


This is a great idea Theia! I’ve seen some posts online with different results and I sometimes think that the phenotype that was assigned by zwift is not 100% accurate but I understand that they have to come up with a simple rule to assign rider types as they can’t be looking at the shape of everyone’s efforts. I think the problem is more with “all arounders” than with people that have an obvious bias on their strength/weakness.

Here are my results:

Screenshot of medium effort:


Longer effort:

So it’s quite obvious where my weakness is but I have to say that my sprint is soooo much better than how it was a couple years ago and I’m sure I still have plenty of room to grow!

Maybe i’ll do this tomorrow or on the weekend.

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After I decided to skip ZA this year now I have to do at least the baseline but I’m pretty sure it will show I’m a time trialist

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I did the baseline zwift event yesterday but did not receive my rider type info. Can anyone give me insight on how or where this comes from? Thanks

@SaraBell it comes in an email and it takes 1-2 days to get it.

I will do this too…sometime this week…I’m scared…very scared! :scream:

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Hi Theia and all,

I enjoyed doing this Zwift baseline ride. I was surprised at the result. I thought I would be a puncher. I also thought it was surprising because I felt like I could have done much better on the sprint/short section than I did. I felt that I went out way to strong. I was happy with the climb/long section as I used my “surfing skills” of intermitted standing and sitting. I definitely had some left in the tank with the medium section, so I should have gone harder. Any insight on what the graphs show?
I have been off the bike for about 3 weeks due to travel and motivation problems, so that did not help matters.
It’s all good fun and games!
Thanks for suggesting this Theia!

Long Effort

Short Effort

Medium Effort


Here is mine… I am going to refrain from commenting for now, until we get more people posting.




@SaraBell I also did not give my best efforts on these, but regardless, I think the approach we decide to take is the same (i.e., how to ride the segments)…

Note: the percentile figures are based on the entire cohort of ZA Baseline ride finishers. A male/female gender split is also applied.

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This is a very interesting post, and it draws the parallel between the ZA phenotype and a rider’s Zwift Power profile. My ZP profile is consistent with the ZA phenotype.

Further, ZA and ZP seem to agree with my strengths in Today’s Plan

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Sprinter, Hahaha… right :joy: :rofl: I would have guessed more endurance than sprinting. I can go for hours and hours. Interesting. Here are my numbers :




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Those graphs are so pretty!


ZA says I’m a sprinter. I take that as a sign that I’m not really in peak endurance condition, but you always need to be able to put out a short effort. (Last year, ZA said I was a pursuiter.)
The medium segment, which came first, is kind of a mess. I didn’t really have a good notion of that duration before-hand.

The short, I just punched.

The long, I was actually pleased with, because I was able to gradually increase my effort over the duration.


Sprinter here. sprinter
type detail




This is so interesting! Love seeing the different shapes of everyone’s efforts.

I looked at the PI in todays plan after Theia posted hers and I don’t know how to interpret mine.

How can “peak power” be my strength but my sprint is my weakness? Aren’t these 2 kind of related? :thinking:

can someone guide me on how to post your graph’s? I have a large learning curve. @jballinger95 help a Vixen out!

@Gossimrr do you know how to take screenshots in your computer? You can just zoom in on the section of the graph you want to highlight, take the screenshot and upload here as a photo. Or just take photos of the computer screen with your phone and upload them here :wink:

@Covi thanks. I can do that.

Ok here are my graphs. If they aren’t correctly done, I’m sure @Coach_Theia will assist. :rofl: apparently, I am a sprinter. Though I do love a time trial. Flat and short.

Thanks to everyone who shared their Baseline Rides and files! I went through these during today’s Q&A - take a listen and please let us know your comments if you were not in the Zoom today!

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