Zwift and Outside Cycling Pictures


Hello All! Time for a fun thread… How about some pictures so we can keep the ice breaker going? It can be of your Zwift setup, pets, outside rides, your latest event, whatever you like!


I’ll start hehe, since I’m so proud of it… this is my newest bike my husband got for me, it’s equipped with SRAM Red ETap, ohh my goodness does it ever shift smooth! Anyone else use ETap?



Fun thread! This is me climbing Mt Lemmon in Tucson 2 years ago.


And you should be proud, it’s such an awesome bike @PneeZee! Is it faster than the one you had?

@sehagens26 gorgeous Seven! That saddle looks like a stealth fighter jet!

@stacypro how do you like Mt. Lemmon? I too was there 2 years ago and have a pic that seems to be in the exact same place!


First one I found from outside! Two years ago!


LOL!! It is very comfortable! Currently has this one on (new)


This is me in October last year enjoying some late autumn sunshine - this is typical of the roads around where I live, it’s very flat so I find even the slightest undulation a bit of a challenge :astonished: but I am improving with the help of Zwift


Mt. Lemmon was the hardest climb I’ve done yet, but I did it. :slight_smile: I’m in Phoenix so it’s somewhat local, and we did the climb with a group which was helpful since they had SAG stops and drivers were aware that there were lots of us.


So many fun times on my bike… my biggest accomplishment… 515 miles in a week riding across New York State last year to raise $$ for concer research!


I swoon at the mention of eTap. Very jealous!!!


Overlooking the Kuskanax River from the Nakusp Hotsprings covered bridge in BC, Canada.


Gorgeous :smile:


This is me (left) and my best friend. We have known and been cycling together for years! My bike with the sexy new wheels purchased this year


my husband and I did the Kentucky Bourbon Trail last summer. Had a great time!


Cycling family… my husband and our 2.5 year old twins


My hubby and I at the summit of the famous Rocacorba climb. We went cycling in Girona and Gran Canaria last March… bucket list places for cyclists.


A little off-road today, beautiful clear day, riding around the scenic rim.


I love these pictures! Please keep them coming! Here are a few of mine…

My gravel bike after a cyclocross race last year:

My son Zwifting. He only did it a handful of times. He loves running and is a competitive swimmer… but he is not a fan of cycling (neither is my daughter).

Here is the Mt. Lemmon pic I mentioned

and the fam


My first long IRL this year - Bike the Drive here in Chicago! (I figured the bike deserved the medal for completing the 30 mile challenge :sweat_smile:)