Zwift Classics 2021- anyone doing it?

I might jump on a race or two of these. I like the format (points for segments in addition to finish place, shorter courses for lower cats) and am very curious about the “autocat” feature…

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Hi Coach, long time no see, I hope you are keeping well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Hi 360Velo ladies :wave:

Yes, Coach I will be doing some of the Zwift Classic Races. I like the idea of the new autocat feature and did one of the test races yesterday. We had a mix of CC, CB and BB ladies in our group. I came 11th out of 20 only 48 seconds off the winner. I am normally 5 to 10 minutes behind the winner with a position between 20 and 30 (roughly) It was still hard work but at least I was with the front group fighting for a position. A teammate and I got dropped on the third lap just as we were heading up to the QOM.

I am guessing there will teething problems, but overall, it gets a thumbs up from me.

I would be interested to hear what you and the other ladies think about them.

Debbie Xx


I will try at least one so i can see the new autocat system - i foresee it being used for ZRL, if not S4 a future season so as RD i need to check it out. Herd complicated things by adding another SHEries so i might go back and forth between them week to week - definitely not doing 2 races in one week - based on the courses that i like. I know i won’t win anything overall so its more about racing to keep my numbers decent and trying out the new system - aka doing it for me


I’m planning on trying a few of them especially because they have a US central time zone and I want to see how the autocat works.


Hi @Debbie!! Thanks for the insights. @PaleGail and @Stefanie I will probably do it either at 6 AM or 11:30 AM CT. I like the crit one with prime laps!!