Zwift Play - Steering

Does anyone here have the Zwift Play controllers? If so, how do you like it?

I tried them for the first time today and really like it. It makes Zwift more fun and engaging. I hope that eventually they will allow steering in races. I practiced taking inside lines through the turns and you can definitely go faster that way. I also practiced getting my avatar behind faster riders in the peloton for better drafting. And you have all the menu options and power ups at your fingertips.

I ordered another one for Drew for xmas.


I haven’t been able to connect them to my handlebars my grip strength isn’t that great :pensive: and I haven’t tried in awhile I was so frustrated when I tried before

I got some after one of my co-workers suggested them. It is fun to steer a little and makes going through the screens easier.

@PaleGail - They are tough to get on. I used a 4mm hex wrench to hook on the tab (like a crochet needle). That helped tremendously. I can video it if you need me too.

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Oh I’m going to try that this weekend! Thanks!!

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