Zwift Racing and Zwift Power - Updates and status as of July 2022

Hello team! Was hoping someone could provide a brief update regarding Zwift racing. I haven’t been on Zwift for a while and looked at different websites (WTRL, Zwift Insider, etc.) but am still not clear on the following:

  1. Zwift Power: All my numbers are gone. I guess it has been reset because I haven’t raced in a while. Will it update upon doing one event?

  2. Are all races now using the auto cat feature? Will the next WTRL use the auto cat feature?

Thank you!

Hi @Coach_Theia - it is definitely changing on Zwift racing!.

Here is a link to the new Category Enforcement infrastucture :

There is good news, it’s not FTP related but takes into account the whole power curve. I am not an expert on it, but the new brackets are captured in the summary above. Every ride on Zwift is considered for the last 60 days. It calculates your minimum category from your maximum efforts in the last 60 days.

We learned this is the databased Zwift it using to calculate our efforts: It’s a great database and has a ton of performance data - if you like data!

Lastly, I have no idea why ZP has lost your data? Any chance it’s a glitch? When was the last time you raced? Maybe look at the new database? Open a ticket?

Yes, all signs point to ZRL using category enforcement. We will wait and see, but it looks highly likely as the way of the future.

Hope this helps.


Thanks @jballinger95 super helpful!

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I think you’re dealing with a glitch @Coach_Theia as my numbers are intact and I haven’t raced recently either. Very much want to do so as I spend far too much time in Zwift anyway LOL! I’ll be asking all the same questions a bit later so Jess, buckle up :smile:



@ChaCha I got you! I will do my best or ask our resident Oracle on the team - she will know! Lol :joy:

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Do you know @jballinger95 if zwift looks at all activity including workouts and free rides and not just official events such as groups rides and races like ZP does? If it’s everything, that is going to make things super interesting.

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Yes @Stefanie, that’s my understanding. It takes all activity and looks at the whole power curve - using the our maximum efforts in the last 60 days to do the calculations. Our workouts that @Coach_Theia challenges us on thresholds, accelerations, etc will count as well :slight_smile: Very interesting… No one can sandbag races - which is wonderful for all. Makes us all competitive.


Super excited about learning all of this. Not sure when I’ll implement but nice to know we have a resident EXPERT here with us :slight_smile: Thanks @jballinger95

@Coach_Theia - just missed you in Watopia I think - sent you a message of encouragement NOT that YOU need it. You are such a FRICKIN’ inspiration!!!

So so sorry to hear about your injury and I know YOU GOT THIS!

Stay focused, stay positive and treat yourself with all the kindness, compassion and knowledge that you offer us ALL THE TIME!

RIDE ON…but carefully! :grin:

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I love this and it’s getting me excited to race in the cold months!

@kswhite yes, I saw you and gave you a RideOn, it was nice to see your name. I didn’t get the message tho, I didn’t have the Companion app open.

What I am slightly worried about is that after not being on Zwift for over a month, I did not get any software updates. That can’t be right…

The new autocat looks at 60 days but not all events like ZP. If you’ve not done any events for a long time your numbers are likely gone @Coach_Theia
I’m expecting that ZRL will move to autocat if not this fall series, next year.

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Thanks for all the insights! I jumped on a race with autocat yesterday (Saturday crit) and noticed a few differences since the last time I raced, which was a long while ago:

  1. The draft was more realistic
  2. It was possible to close gaps faster. I remember that before, closing a 10 sec gap required a huge effort, this time I was able to do it with a manageable 20-30 sec effort.
  3. No sandbaggers! Everyone seemed fairly matched in terms of ability.

Are these possible or am I imagining them?

Oh and now I have a few stats in ZP to begin racing again.