Bars for long rides

Hi everyone- as many of you are doing long rides/events this time of the year, it is important to stay on top of your nutrition. If your ride/event is longer than 3hs, I highly recommend bringing food that has not only carbs, but also protein and fat.

Here are a few bars to consider:

  • GoMacro (protein ones)

  • Bonk Breakers

  • Picky Bars

  • RX bars


I always have 2 picky bars in my handlebar bag. I want to be prepared in case there isn’t food for me. Which happened last week.
I love almost every flavor I have tried.
I’ll do Rx bars in a pinch because they aren’t vegan but they are still good.
I like the GoMacro but they have a lot of nuts which I can’t eat because it makes my tongue funny but they are yum also.

Picky bars are my top choice.