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I know this is a CRAZY question but I have a couple of friends here that have been trying to suck me into the Beachbody world for almost a year now. I saw some before and after pictures yesterday of an athlete whose before pic looks very similar to me, currently, and worked for 80 days, half an hour a day, to get the body that I would like to see in the mirror. I know I am still carrying my winter weight and I haven’t been able to get on top of my normal routine for ramping up for races but even at my summer race weight, I still do not look like a bikini body, ha. Of course these workouts would come on top of my normal workouts and I realize something would have to give. In addition, these ladies are following the nutrition plan which involves portion control and macro allocation. I’m wondering if anyone has any personal experience with the programs or can talk me off the ledge. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hi Angie,

As you know, I am getting my Precision Nutrition Coaching Certification (expected next month), so I will put my Nutrition Coach hat on…

What is your main goal? What would you like to get out of that program? In other words, imagine yourself being successful with the program- what would that mean to you?

Also, your friends who saw results- were they as active as you before the program?

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My apologies that I didn’t reply! I took off for the weekend and just now remembered it. I don’t think anyone is as active as me in their Before state. After thinking about it, there’s NO way I can fit it in. I think I’m just frustrated at my lack of rebound this season and to see these ladies looking buff from just 30 mins a day does make me wonder. If I chose that route, I know I’d never be able to just pick up and time with my current cycling buddies though or I’d certainly get dropped!

No problem. I’d love to chat with you about it off-line tough, so I will PM you.

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