Beetroot powder and other supplements for performance - myth or magic?

Does anyone use beetroot powder or any beetroot supplements as part of their nutrition plan? Recently I’ve had a number of people (both MTB and Road cyclists) telling me they have seen a noticeable improvement in performance when using beetroot products prior to training or events but I’m wondering whether some of this is psychosomatic as they’ve paid a pretty penny for their supplements and also, all those that have been raving about it are men - I know some supplements aren’t as effective for female physiology.

@Michelle beetroot powder is one of the very few supplements that is proven to work based on tests and people’s experiences. The other two are caffeine and creatine (creatine being probably the most effective of all). For men and women. Everything else is questionable. But look for beetroot in pure form, not mixed with other stuff.

I use it in capsules (freeze-dried). I find it that it helps with my top end (explosive) efforts, and I use it before every race.

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Another note about supplements, always use them in pure form or those that have been certified as safe for Sport. This is what can happen with supplements- people can be taking performance-enhancing drugs without knowing!

Here is a great podcast looking at all supplements:

And if you really want to nerd-out on the subject with science-talk:


I’ve tried beetroot only occasionally but I’ve seen definite improvement from using BCAA’s. I started having a bit before a ride and I’m experimenting with adding it to my bottles during a ride. Not sure if they are considered a supplement or not.


Where do you get your beetroot capsules? What is the brand?

@bkolden I use this one


do you take this before, during, or after workouts? @Coach_Theia

I read above, you take it before races. Only then?

Yes, I take it 2.5h before a race.

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