Blood work - what to test?


@Coach_Theia wasn’t sure where to post this - apologies if it’s on the wrong folder.
I’m considering getting a private blood work up but am not sure what are the key things to test; the test is quite expensive so I want to ensure I’m getting something useful that I can work with.
Having filled out a short questionnaire and advising I want to focus on fitness and mood they are suggesting Liver function, thyroid profile, advanced iron profile, vitamin B9 and B13 (active), vitamin D.
I know a few of those in this forum have regular blood work - do you find it useful? What are the key things to test that help with managing your physiology?


@Michelle heading out for my ride now, but will answer later. I assume you are requesting the basic test (in the US is referred to as SMAC-20, SMA-20, or Chem-20), plus some more specific ones that you want our opinions on?


Also, it would be helpful to know a list of any food groups you do not eat (e.g., dairy, red meat, etc.)


@Coach_Theia it seems to be a personalised test so the markers I listed are the things they will test; they have other tests on offer that just test cholesterol or liver function… I think you can basically design your own test and they charge a differing amount per item tested. It may well be that I need to do a bit more research and see what other companies offer.
As for food groups, I don’t have dairy, wheat or caffeine in my diet. I also try to avoid processed sugars. Red meat consumption is limited to once very 2 weeks. I take daily omega 3 supplements and am currently on antidepressants (20mg of citalapram per day).


@Coach_Theia and @Michelle
I did lab work for the first ten years of my career and it sounds like you’re talking about a basic Chem-12 or Chem-20 plus a thyroid panel, iron panel and the vitamins. A basic chem panel won’t include the thyroid and a complete bid count won’t include a detailed iron panel.
Coach can probably help you with what you really need. I wouldn’t decide based on a labs website marketing.