Calling all Women's Cycling Challenge Participants! Let's keep building your fitness and skills!


P.S. - All current Members will also receive $10 or $20 off their next monthly membership if the minimum number of new members is reached!

Link to sign up:



I would like to take advantage of this offer. I am training o do a condo in August, will the training plan be appropriate for that event?



auto correct! A FONDO, not a condo. :frowning:


Hi @Gossimrr yes, for sure. And we can talk about that during your on-boarding call!


Hi Theia
I would like to take up this offer as well.



@Shaz fantastic! Let’s do it!!


Hi Theia
Thanks - looking forward to the new challenge. When will it be starting?

To sign up and get the discount, do we just follow the link for the monthly membership?



Hello Ladies! I would like to continue as well! @Coach_Theia what do I have to do? :laughing:


Me too! I’d like to continue :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome @mariannamarcucci and @rose-m! Please use the link below to sign up (towards the middle/ bottom of the page you will see the membership options):


I’d like to join in too!! I am on holiday next week (sunshine & and beach) but am happy to join in after that.


That works fine, and it would be awesome @osteoclinics! I will count you in towards the group discount :blush: enjoy your holiday!!


Thank you!! I’ll post you all a picture!


I will start by saying a huge thank you @Coach_Theia for the opportunity. I will not continue at this point. Summer is too short and not having power outdoor, I can’t really commit to workouts on IRL rides :woman_shrugging: Holidays as well…I really enjoyed the process, the workouts and the feedback from everybody :blush: cheers!


Thank you for participating @Sylvie! And I hope you will consider joining us later in the year if you are looking to train again!


@Coach_Theia do you have a minimum number of months that we need to sign up for if we did the membership?


No minimums @PneeZee!


When would the next month start? I’m interested to do it after this challenge is finished and learn some more lessons.


Monday!! Let’s do it @franklim! I am busy working on the plan for you all!!


Hi @Shaz - sorry I missed your question - that is correct, sign up for your membership of choice and I will apply the discount (refund) of $10 or $20 when we reach the minimum number!