Calling all Women's Cycling Challenge Participants! Let's keep building your fitness and skills!


Good evening! completed 5.3 kicking and screaming!

Grateful for the opportunity to participate in the challenge and staying on for another month! See most of you next week!!!

Ride On!:sunglasses:


Hi @Coach_Theia
I have just signed up for monthly membership. Looking forward to starting training with the group


@Coach_Theia Membership done! Let’s continue training! :biking_woman:t2::biking_woman:t2::biking_woman:t2:


Hi Theia, I have really enjoyed the challenge and are interested in continuing. I just have a few questions: for the $50 monthly membership: is it the same plan for everyone?: is it 3 workouts a week?: do they come weekly or monthly? I am away for 3 weeks in July, should I wait to join after or can I do the next 2 weeks and then go again when I’m back?


@Coach_Theia I’ve decided (momentous for me!), I’m going to sign up to continue.


I’ve done it , I’m in - really looking for to continuing the workouts.


I am so excited @Tracyligemagreen @herrington14 @mariannamarcucci @Shaz @mnoyola!! You will soon receive an email from me with more details and I will add you to the members-only section of the forum. And I think we already have 10 signed up!! More on that and the discount soon!!

@herrington14 the $50 membership has two plans: one that will build upon the Women’s Cycling Challenge and one for athletes who have been training with me for a while. It is 3 workouts/week, plus 2 optional endurance rides for those looking to build volume. You receive the plans monthly (4 weeks at a time) via TrainingPeaks. In your case, if you want to do 2 weeks now and 2 weeks later, you could sign up for a one-month membership now, receive the 4 weeks, and push the last two forward on your TrainingPeaks calendar. Then to continue on, you could sign up for another membership after you complete those workouts. Or you could wait until you get back… Will you be riding at all during those 3 weeks of travel?


Just signed up - looking forward to continuing this program. I’ve already gotten so much out of it!


I’m in for a month!


Fantastic @franklim and @sublimewinter :star_struck: We have reached the $10 discount mark for the first month and could reach the $20!! I will process that as a partial refund to everyone, including our existing members for the month of July!


I’ve really enjoyed this training opportunity. Thanks so much Theia! Unfortunately I won’t be able to continue at this point. I have some work things changing and we are tightening our budget for a few months at least. I will definitely keep this in mind, and I appreciate the additional info about how the coaching works in the long-term as I was also wondering about that.


HI @Coach_Theia ,
First thank you for this opportunity, thoroughly enjoyed it and learned allot, but still want to be part of this.
I go to sign up and since Im part of the WCC, I go to log in, but it is telling me that its the wrong email/password, ect. And I know it’s not. I go to the forgot password link, and tells me that my email isn’t correct. Not sure what to do.
Thank you



I just signed up! Will do 5.3 today and be ready to start the new workouts on Monday!



@stacypro thank you so much for participating! Best of luck to you and yes, please keep us in mind for future training!


Thank you for your feedback, @sherry! The only account you created was the one in the forum. You did not get automatically signed up on the website as part of the WCC, so you will have to create an account. Hoipe this helps and I would love to have you join us! Please let me know if you have any issues signing up.


@NUGirl YES!!! Awesome!!!


Thank you @Coach_Theia,
My mistake.
All set😋


Got it!! Woot!


I have just signed up and looking forward to getting some more out of this Challenge. Thanks @Coach_Theia!


Just signed up for membership and looking forward to more fabulous workouts.