Calling all Women's Cycling Challenge Participants! Let's keep building your fitness and skills!


This is so exciting @tashwilliams76 and @herrington14! I will be sending you the plan shortly, adding you to the mebers-only area of the forum, and sending the welcome email.

We have 18 signed up! With 2 more, everyone gets $20 off their first month!!


Dear Theia, thank you so much to provide the opportunity to participate in this challenge. I really liked it and I have the feeling I improved a lot. This week I had difficulties to do the workouts due to my business travel and issues to get the plan into trainingspeaks. Anyhow it was a great experience. I definitely will sign up for a membership and train with you but I will postpone this to my winter season. At the moment it’s summer here and I do a lot of outdoor riding and social rides - so it’s not the right time for me. During winter I would love a structured training as this is also very motivating. So I will come back in a few month.
To all who signed up now - have fun!!!
Whenever you come over to Switzerland once, let me know … we can arrange some rides together. :wink:


Thank you so much @michaelafuetsch! Have a great season and I hope to see you back in a few months!!


Hi. I’ve only managed 5.1 so far this week but I’m hoping to complete the last two sessions in the next few days. I just wanted to say thank you for such a great opportunity to learn from you @Coach_Theia. I decided to just ride today rather than do a training session and I definitely noticed an improvement! I can’t continue with training at the moment but I might look you up later in the year :grin:


Hi coach Theia,

It was a great ride which I would like to continue in the winter. Now the IRL rides are marvelous also after your exercises!
Is it possible to put me on a email list for future promotions ie?

Best regards,


Hi Theia- I am very interested in continuing for another month. I am traveling one week during the next month though but from reading your posts it looks like I can push one of the training weeks. Have you gotten to 20 women yet?


You are it!!! Get in and everyone will be sending you virtual hugs for the $20 discount!

Yes, you may push weeks forward.


Thank you for the experience @Coach_Theia, I will be back for your structured workouts when winter rolls around!

P.S. on a ride with my hubby on Saturday we were climbing a hill and I was right on his wheel and when he turned around and saw me he wasn’t expecting me to be there and he said “either you’re getting stronger, I’m providing a nice draft or both” Thank you, I think I’m stronger! :rofl:


I just signed up! So excited! Yeah for being #20


Thanks so much @claire.golding and @khuntjens! Please keep in touch and thanks for participating!! Kirsten, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram (and the forum) as any new things coming up are posted in these places and I’d love to have you back!

@PneeZee that’s awesome!! I am sure you are stronger and better equipped to go up those hills :wink: I’ll be here when you come back!



Thanks for this opportunity, Theia! I have signed up too. I’m looking forward to more great workouts designed by you.


Fantastic @sjelinski I sent you the plan and welcome email :blush:


@Coach_Theia Please confirm whether this is the forum we use going forward?


Hi @mnoyola, yes, this is the forum, and you have been added to a private section called “Members”. Please let me know if you can’t see it.


Monday. When you do the wrong workout… :roll_eyes: but better the wrong workout than no workout at all! :biking_woman:t2:


Yayyyyyy!!! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Awesome!! Let’s do this Ladies!!


Coach Theia, thank you so much for including me in the WCC. It was great to be exposed to so much helpful info, and to hear how other participants were finding the workouts. Given my stage of biking (newbie), I plan to stick to Zwift workouts, group rides, challenges, and maybe consider additional coaching if I take on a bigger challenge next year. Very inspiring to be in the company of so many talented riders! Good luck and continued success with your program!


Sorry I missed the last few workouts! I have had a Tough week here in Ibiza, I plan to sign up and continue on my return!!