Carbs for amateur cyclists: A common-sense approach

We know carbs are necessary for performance during hard efforts, as we have discussed before. Further to this topic, we are often left wondering whether all the advice out there about eating carbs apply equally to all cyclists. Turns out we, amateurs/masters cyclists, don’t have the same needs as juniors and pros, or even elite cyclists.

I found this recent podcast with Dr Asker Jeukendrup to have a common-sense approach about carbs for the “rest of us”.

From the show notes: " Sports drinks, gels, and race food are focused on one thing—getting simple sugars from our mouths to our muscles. Research unequivocally supports their use for maximizing performance, but there’s also a mounting body of evidence that associates simple sugars with diabetes, heart disease, dementia, cancer, and other conditions. Because we care about both our performance and our health, we have to ask an important question: Where’s the balance?"

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