Coming soon: FIT & FESTIVE MONTH!

Hello All!!

I am excited to announce the upcoming [360 VELO] Fit & Festive month! For the month of December, all of our members will be on the same training plan, and that plan will be a special one. The goal of the month will be to keep you active with your training but without putting extra stress into the weeks leading up to and including the Holidays!

December can be a stressful month for many people, so your training should support you and give you a sense of accomplishment! It should be a place you want to go to, and where things seem “under control”.

The workouts will be fun, just challenging enough to keep your skills sharp, while leaving you energized for all the other stuff you have going on in your life.

If you are not yet a member, hope you will join us so we can all support and motivate one another!



Sounds great, I will be there!

Will need to make sure I’m caught up with the normal plan first bough eh?! I’m up to 5.4.2 :rofl:

How do I sign up?

@Coach_Theia thank you for this refreshing approach to cycling. I love the realistic expectations.
Do we have to wear festive kits when working out?


Awesome @Tracyligemagreen and you still have over a month until then!

I am glad you like the idea @sjelinski @Gossimrr and @Tracyligemagreen!

@Okdebo the sign up is through any of our membership plans - they run on a monthly basis. Being a member gets you the plan!


@Coach_Theia I have just realised I didn’t accept and apply the new plan that you sent via training peaks this time last week within the required 72 hours!!
I’ve got workouts going as far as 5.5.3 on TP at the moment. Please could you resend the next plan? And I promise I will apply it straight away!


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@Coach_Theia what does 5.5 3 workout mean… is it week 5? Seeing some ladies on strava velo club these 5.x.x workouts look great :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi @Maya ! These are activities from our members who are on one of our training plans, in this case, Plan 5! Discussions about these plans/workouts are in the members-only area of the forum :slight_smile:

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They are great! I’m so pleased I chose to sign up with @Coach_Theia‘s training I feel I’ve made so much progress and I find having the structure keeps me really motivated to get on and do the training.


Sounds like a great adventure❣️

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Sounds like fun @coach_Theia !! Will it take into account the holidays and some travel :grinning:? Its hard to believe its almost Nov 1st!!

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@Coach_Theia do any of the festive workouts include eggnog :wink:


@Michelle thats a great idea!!!


Regarding the membership- is there a contract or can we do it month-to-month?

I love festivities!

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Fit & Festive will have it ALL!!! :rofl: bring on your favorite costume, drinks, etc!

@Michelle can you imagine… 2 min @110%, rest, 2 sips of eggnog, 2 min rest, then all out!

@Okdebo there is no contract or long-term commitment. You may sign up month to month or auto-renewal.


@PaleGail yes, it will be a lighter load, so you can move things around as needed.

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@Coach_Theia not too light, i need to earn those holiday :cookie: :joy:

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I am on the same page as you regarding holiday treats @PaleGail!

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