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Hey there,
Nope, no jumping, hopping or anything that would produce that kind of impact. I have disc injury which is why I went from being a runner to a cyclist :wink:


Thanks @alexis for answering my question. I had to stop running and switch to cycling many years ago due to knee problems and had knee replacements 2 years ago. Ortho said no high impact since would wear out knees sooner. I am VERY motivated to not have to go through that again!! :rofl:

Hi @alexis, just to be sure…am I in waiting list correctly? The program will start on the 11th? Sorry but with the holidays I’ve lost brain connections!!! :rofl:

Hi Marianna!
The plank challenge starts on monday

It’s a fun way to lead into the membership, which opens on Friday January 8. Doors close January 12 :slight_smile:
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Great, I’ll be there on Monday! I see you’ll post the recording, right?

Yes! If you can’t make it at 9 am (California time) the recording will be available

I’m in Italy, I’ll do it at 9 am my time - your 9 am is my 6 pm!

No problem!

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Is the video on the facebook page? I’m at work at your 9am, i’d have to do it once I get home.

Yes! You’ll be able to see it there

@mapmeister I am tagging @alexis for your question of when you will be contacted about the program start - Alexis is in this thread about the Endurance Hub program.

@alexis, I received an email that (among other things) said the following:

  • BUT FIRST: Before you dive in, the membership begins with a brief mini course called, “Find Your Core”. You’ll have to complete all lessons before you are granted access to “Strengthen Your Core” which is where our weekly workouts can be found.
  • Your first workout will be delivered on Sunday, January 17 .

So, does that mean, we’re supposed to do the “Find Your Core” before then, and if so, how?

Hi ladies!
You should have received an email with login instructions. Sometimes it gets sent to junk mail :frowning:
Once you log in, you will see “Find Your Core”. And yes, that is your foundation so please complete that before Sunday. You will receive another notification that your first workout is available.
Thanks and let me know if you have any other questions!

Hi @mapmeister
Did you join The Endurance Hub? Sorry, I can’t tell from your user name :slightly_smiling_face:
If not…here is the link to join!

Doors closed a few hours ago but there’s still time to join.

I asked to join in Facebook but never got a reply


Hi Ann,
The closed group is for members in the paid membership only. Sorry for the confusion! If you’re not ready to join, you can always stay in touch by following my facebook page:

Uh Oh… I never got this email so I’d better go looking for it. Thanks. I looked in my spam and there is nothing there. I got the email that said I was “in” and that I needed to do the “find your core” but there was no way to sign in and find the lessons. I don’t know what I am looking for - what would the subject line be?

Hi Barb
The email would look like this:

I never got that. Can you send again? Do you see me on the member list?

ok, just resent to
Is that the correct email?