Cycling events for 2021

I am not seeing events 2021 conversation, so I’m writing here…
2021 events that were canceled last year are starting to come up. As I finished my workout this morning I realized that I have a 3-day ride in 4 weeks. :flushed: Moab skinny tires is still on schedule (at least for now).
Day 1: 64 miles, 3800 ft.
Day 2: 47 miles, 2000 ft.
Day 3: 44 miles, 3876 ft.
I’m pretty confident that I have the base I need; hopefully I can keep my balance in the two wheels without the trainer attached!! :joy:. Hoping it happens because I’m beyond tired of the basement (even though trips to Watopia and group rides have been wonderful to get me through the year)
Do you all have something planned?


How exciting @Marmen21! You’ll do great!

I have no cycling events planned yet this year, no one is announcing events at this time. Everyone is waiting to see what happens with the pandemic so everything is in a holding pattern. Sigh.

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Have fun @Marmen21 ! I hope to do it next year. I’ve heard great things about it and will look forward to hearing about your experience.

So far I’m going to GA in April for the BRAG 3 day spring ride. (Bicycle Ride Across Georgia). I’ve also got the BRAT in September (Bicycle Ride Across Tennessee). Lastly there’s Festivelo in SC in November.

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I’ve scheduled i think 2 or 3 of my Farm to Fork Fondo events that were canceled last year but only towards the end of Aug and into the fall. I have a total of 4 i can schedule but still not sure how comfortable i will be with travel, etc. I honestly sometimes wonder if i am turning into the person with agoraphobia (hope i got the right one there) that doesn’t want to go out of their house. I know its not because I’m afraid to leave, its just i don’t want to deal with all the people that still aren’t doing the right thing after all this time - i know i will get past it at some point, but it will also irritate me that work and all that other stuff is going to mess with my training and Zwifitng schedule :woman_shrugging:


So excited to actually be adding to this topic now that a year of pandemic cancellations are hopefully past us. I hated having my 40th birthday during Covid and we kept safe and didn’t travel like we planned. But this September might be safer, and I’m trying “40 2.0” with a cycling trip to Mt. Whitney. It’s actually the tallest peak in the contiguous US and famous as a stop on the Pacific Crest Trail. The basecamp is quite a climb at 5000ft in 11 miles. And I’m not very good at high elevation like that. So my goal this year is to train for that.

Any tips for training for climbing trips and/or high elevation, send it my way!


@msvdolan2002 the training we do incorporate climbing and the most important part to focus on is continuing to develop your power zones. Many people mistakenly believe they are going to go up climbs at threshold, so they do a bunch of long threshold and sweet spot intervals, but that is a waste of time and energy. Climbs are like over/unders between medium zones and threshold/above threshold zones.

Continue with the training program and on the weekends, add the structured endurance rides we have in the Plans library. As for altitude, everyone responds. differently. Some are fast-adapters, others slow, and others never adapt even if they live at altitude! If you are able to arrive at your destination a week earlier, that might help.Alternatively, arrive as close to the event as possible. You will need extra hydration when riding at altitude.

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All signs point at events coming back here in the Summer. The first event is a crit in Wisconsin on May 8th. I haven’t decided if I will do that one yet. If the weather is good that week, I will go.

Other events on the schedule are the Intelligentsia Cup and Cyclocross State and Nationals!! I heard @adm0629 and @kgross33 are coming for CX in the Fall!!


Yessss! CX Nationals! Last season before 50+! (Our Masters cats are only 40+ and 50+.) Other than that, just playing it by ear and whatever sounds fun. I might do a little sprint triathlon, I might do a little mtb racing, or not! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So you may have seen that the CMA ladies are doing a group vEveresting event April 22, 2022. I’ve decided I’m going to give it a try! That will give me plenty of time to train and get used to climbing with my trainer set at 100%. Usually I keep my trainer around 50% and lower it to about 30% for races and lots of climbing. So I’ve currently nosed it up to about 60% and will keep increasing it so I can get “acclimated to higher elevation” :laughing: I plan on following all the Hells500 rules so I can go into their Hall of Fame. The CMA ladies are also looking into whether this could be a world record event for most women vEveresting in one day/event. How fun to be part of that if it is? Anyone else planning on doing it? and if not, want to join in the fun? C’mon, you know you want to!


That is awesome! Go for it! An Everest is on my bucket list.


Why not do a vEverest next April @stacypro? Call it practice for the IRL one on your bucket list :grin:

it’s all you! I’ll watch!


@Stefanie, I’m planning for that too, along with a couple of other ladies who are in the AEO team and who are also doing the Lands End to John o’ Groats ride this year. It is giving us a goal to work to beyond the LEJOG which in planned for September. I remember when I did it the first time back in 2016 I had a big hole in my life afterwards and felt very unmotivated to train and be on my bike, I like to have goals. So setting this as the next goal feels good. And it is on my bucket list! And another thing… I can start the training for it as part of my LEJOG training with practicing my endurance climbing!!


That’s right @Tracyligemagreen, you are doing LEJOG! So awesome! That will definitely set you up nicely for an Everest.

@Stefanie that has your name written all over it!! Please share a link about the event- I’m curious!

Here’s the post from Zwift Ladies Only FB page @Coach_Theia

If you join the CMA group there are lots more posts and details. :smile:

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@Coach_Theia :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: it DOES have @Stefanie name alllllll over it. And around it and every which way!

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On Saturday I did my first race since 2019 and my first crit since 2018. Also my first race with teammates. It was SO much fun! I raced in the Women Open Cat against Cat 1/2 and 3s, there were also Cat 4s (like me; I am a Cat 3 in CX). I prefer to race in the Masters Cat, but unfortunately these aren’t typically available for women, unless it’s a State or National Championship.

The course was not technical, but there was a 45 sec climb in there that added up to over 1,000 ft of climbing for the 50 min race. Of course I loved this little hill because it plays to my strengths. Many people got dropped here.

The race had quite a bit of action with periodic attacks. I got dropped from the main group twice but in both cases was able to bridge back - something almost impossible to do in Zwift.

I stayed with the front group until the end, and it came down to a bunch sprint up hill. I ended up in 7th and that was 100% due to poor positioning on my part - lesson learned for next time. My teammate Katie got 2nd.

Racing with teammates makes it so much better and it really adds to the experience. It gives you a warm fuzzy feeling when you see them out there with you and know you won’t be alone.

Hoping to race 1 or 2 crits at the Tour of America’s Dairyland (TOAD), a few more at the Intelligentsia Cup, maybe a few TTs and… cyclocross. Fingers crossed!!

To the REVO riders: Paige raced with us and so did Erin Ayala! I think you might also know Lisa Lim? @PaleGail @vivian.a.workman @Stefanie


Well done on the race @Coach_Theia! I was wondering how you did since REVO teammates have been talking about it! Yup, Erin, Paige, Lisa, Anna, and Katie. You might have to become an honorary REVO member since it seems like most of your team already are :wink:


Whay to go Coach!

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