DIY Snacks/Food for Cycling Workouts, Rides and Events

As @franklim mentioned in another thread, it would be nice to have some “do-it-yourself” ideas/recipes for snacks that you like to eat during long workouts, long rides and events.

Keep in mind that these snacks need to be easily and quickly digestible, so it’s good to avoid high fiber, high fat, and whole grain snacks.

Please share them below! Thank you!

It’s good to try a few different things before event day to see what you like and feels good on the stomach. A few of my favorites:

Rice Cakes

Made with sticky white rice (I have a rice cooker, but you can use a regular pan also). These are very versatile, and can be made sweet or savory. You add so many different things depending on your taste: turkey, eggs, cream cheese, maple syrup, honey, peanut butter, chocolate chips, the list goes on…

Maple Syrup (can fill up reusable pouches)

White flour pancakes - option to add eggs or protein powder for added protein during longer events

Other options that come to mind (I don’t eat these because they don’t sit well with me during a ride):

Salted baby potatoes


There is also the recipe exchange thread:

It has a bunch of links for the snacks I made for my virtual RAW in June