Fasted workouts

Here is an article written regarding fasted workouts and women. Stacy Sims also writes about fasted exercise for women.
I am always cautious about anything that get touted as “must do” by the media- the latest diet, exercise, supplements.


Great article- thanks for sharing @Petals! Yes, there is a lot of misinformation out there - not only in articles, blogs, but also books! Lots of stuff based on either a very limited view of the facts/research or based on pseudo-science. Unfortunately pretty much anyone can publish anything these days…

Fasted workouts are not indicated for women, unless it is a once-a-week, easy spin kind of workout (but that’s not really a workout!) Same goes for the low carb. I think where a lot of people get lost is in trying to manage weight. I see so many trying different things because they want to either lose weight or look a certain way.

It’s key to keep things in perspective and always ask ourselves why and what the desired outcome is. There is no need to cut carbs or fast to lose weight and be strong and fast on the bike. More often than not, the adjustments needed in nutrition are very simple and basic. But that won’t get media attention!!!