Final Surge Setup and Technical Q&A

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I made a video explaining how to export workouts from Final Surge to use them on Zwift. It takes less than a minute! Until FS has the automatic sync with Zwift, you may download the 3 workouts for the week at once and have them available in-game for the week. This will take you less than 5 min/week!


thank you for the tutorial - super easy to follow !


Got the invite! Thanks. I’ll watch the video now.


Alrighty, so here is what you have to do for the 360 Velo workouts:

Open/click on the workout you want to move, then click on the “pen” to edit:

Then just hit “save” and you are able to move it around by dragging it, etc.

The steps above are only necessary for the workouts I share with you. The workouts are part of the “team calendar” so you have to save it to your local calendar as shown above.


That worked perfectly! Thanks @Coach_Theia

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@bkolden i did the same thing!

I switched to beta version because I wasn’t able to move my WOs otherwise

I downloaded my WO and saw them in Zwift yesterday. Today I rode to work and FS counted that as the Steps WO. When I went to Zwift the WO wasn’t in the home screen I searched under downloads and it wasn’t there.

I found it in TP but that won’t be an option going forward. I searched again after I finished it and it was under all workouts. So I guess I’ll look there.

Is there any way to associate it with the WO and not with my 2 mile ride to work? Should I just move it when I plan on doing it instead?

Sorry for so many questions. I have a huge learning curve.

Buying was proud of myself for downloading the WOs successfully! :partying_face:

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yay @Gossimrr ! If you don’t want to go through the trouble of disassociating the rides, you could create a “commute” ride/workout, and copy to your calendar on week days. When you create it, you will have the option of entering the time. I don’t enter a time for the workouts I share with the group, so not sure you need to enter or is sufficient to moving it to first on the calendar each day. Please let me know how it goes.

Also, did you see the “merge” option when you selected to sync FS to your bike computer or Strava?

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@Coach_Theia i was able to move the WO but I don’t see the prompt to copy or download them like it was there last week. I couldn’t move them from the laptop only on my phone.

I’m going to check the video again but here are two pictures.

Confused in Brooklyn.

@Kriddley as soon as you accept the Final Surge invitation I sent you, you will have the workouts on your calendar. You don’t need to enter FTP etc for now, as long as your FTP s accurate in Zwift, you can do the workouts.

@Gossimrr select the Beta platform and click on the bars on top right of workout, then you will see download option (see arrows below). To copy, you would click on the squares next to the pencil

@bkolden I can share the warm ups with you and you can save them to your personal library and use them anytime you need them- or save them in Zwift so they are always available. There is no option in FS to share a full library like we had in TP.

Anyone else wants them?

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@Coach_Theia I don’t see the pre race warmups as a Zwift file.

@Gossimrr see below. This is a screen shot from your calendar

So, this morning I moved the workouts around on my calendar and only uploaded the 4 power workout to Zwift and had that was the only workout on today’s calendar.
When I looked at Final Surge, it still entered it as an Endurance ride. Is there a way to move it to the right entry?

@Petals see this quick tutorial (also available under “Tutorials” in your Final Surge menu on the left of the page)

I also noticed that almost no one had selected “Power” as their default settings for Bike workouts, and that is one of the causes of the download issues. I went in manually and did this for everyone.


I have not been able to do a workout the last 2 weeks because I cannot upload the workouts to Zwift. I’ve followed all the tutorials. Zwift will not launch the workout from the .zwo folder. This is frustrating. Any suggestions?

@Coach_Theia for some reason the workout for Tuesday of this week, “download” without the workout name.

@Debbiecoll what computer are you using? Mac? PC? My issue was I wasn’t using the correct Zwift ID number.

Hope you can get it sorted.

@Debbiecoll when you say “.zwo” folder, do you mean the “Workouts” subfolder? If so, is the workout saved under your Zwift User ID (pic below)?


Also, are you downloading the workout in .zwo format and saving it on your Zwift computer before you launch Zwift to ride?

Do you use an Apple watch as HR monitor to Zwift?

@bkolden thanks for pointing that out- I changed the name.

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Yes, I am downloading to zwo format and saving to my Zwift folder. I’m not sure why it won’t upload to Zwift. It has worked in the past with another training program. I am going to contact FS support.

I use a wahoo HR monitor.