Fit & Festive is back for 2022!

As I prepare this year’s Fit & Festive program… what are some of the things you have struggled with this year? What are some of the topics you became more interested in? The answers could help me come up with something that could be more meaningful to you.

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I still struggle with transitions from high power to a lower power.

Also struggle when doing a sprint and then not being able to keep the momentum in a race.

Oh and I would like to shave off three pounds!

I :purple_heart::yellow_heart: F&F!


I need to shave off 10 pounds and for my body to stop falling apart! :laughing: Don’t think F&F can fix that. :scream:

I need help with the sprint “pop” of power at the start. Need climbing work. :see_no_evil: (almost afraid to say that for fear of what will come!! :astonished:)

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I struggle with consistency. Not on the bike but on doing things that will make me better on the bike (core, strength training). I’m passionate about riding my bike and I know to become better I need to do the additional work but it seems more like a chore. Doing my bike workouts don’t feel like chores so it’s easy to be self motivated. So I need to figure out a fun way to incorporate those tasks consistently.


Me too! Especially if it’s from VO2 to threshold. I can mostly land on the power but then my legs just quit for a few seconds.

I perpetually struggle with seated VO2, especially if it’s a minute or more.

@tank35girl I have the same struggle with the adding core, strength and stretching.

@Stefanie and @Gossimrr Yes, transition from high to low power is never pretty.

Also, high cadence when standing.


Oooohhhh - I am so excited for F&F :slight_smile: I have heard so much about it. I need help with finding time to add core, strength adn stretching on top of cycling and work. I think this will bump up my strength overall and drop a few pounds as well. Same as our other lovely friends. Can’t wait!!!

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I struggle with transitions between yellow to red zone and back to yellow. Staying at threshold after VO2 work is very very hard. Also, I struggle with 3-4+ minutes at or just above threshold, in yellow.


I think that my biggest struggle is getting my cadence high (90+) on a standing sprint.

My favorite “topic” this year has been “progress not perfection” and I have become really interested in topics about mindset and how to train a fearless mind.


Thank you for the insights! What about things related to riding in groups, events, etc.? Anything in that area?

My raw watts differ significantly from my ZRL teammates, but our w/kg are closer. They talk about 2min pulls at 200 watts. This would put me well out of the D-cat range. I would love to understand all of this better. What is required of me to keep up or contribute to the TTT?

I also need help understanding a power curve.

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@kellynoelharman these last two questions are great ones for the next Q&A!

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So riding in snow and the aftermath makes me often think that in some ways it is very much like pieces of a cross or mtb course. Like riding through a couple inches of snow is kind of like riding through mud or sand. Getting over ridges of snow and ice when the trail crosses intersections takes a lot of torque since I am going slow with a lower cadence and suddenly need a quick power surge or I will get stuck. These things in zwift transfer maybe to short hills and quick, short surges to keep in a group? I’m very interested in improving my torque while seated and then being able to carry that through what, in my daily, might be 5 feet of clear pavement followed by another snow ridge and 3-6 feet of churned up snow of varied depth.

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You will be a mountain biker yet!!!

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: @Petals not likely! With snow I am all bundled up and it’s a soft-ish landing if I fall. Also no trees or steep drops to worry about :grin:


Sorry for the late response! My struggle this year has been to find motivation to workout; I manage to sustain the cycling part somewhat but the strength and stretching is pretty non-existent. (I am now recommitting to at least read the blog once a week, as I know that doing that is super important to stay engaged)
As far as group rides, I feel like I don’t have a group that is just what I need… I am either way too slow or not working hard enough…


Working on week 1. In the meantime, here are the themes for this year’s Fit & Festive:

Week 1 - Clear the Clutter

Week 2 - Find your Mojo

Week 3 - Just do it


Those topics are perfect! :+1:Thank you so much for your effort to help us improve and have fun.


Your Fit and Festive message is great for a some introspection.
Quite honestly, it’s something I need to do. Two years ago, I was having SVT ( arrhythmias where heart rate was going into 220s) during riding. It was increasing in frequency and intensity. It took a couple months of testing and during that time, I stepped away from any difficult cycling. One month after my cardiac ablation, I got Neuro Lyme which scrambled my head and nervous system pretty good. It’s took me months to recover (and I’m still not 100%). My first ride back was 4 miles and I had to lay down at mile 2. I got lost on routes. I couldn’t drive.
I rode my mountain bike a few days a week. Little by slowly, my balance, strength and stamina came back. I was just grateful to be riding. I don’t ride to an even mile. I don’t review my speed, QOM or distance.
What struck me in your message is needing to commit and going all in when I do decide to workout, ride, compete. To me, that doesn’t mean take the fun out, it means commit to the workouts. Commit to a team and participate. Find some events and enjoy the journey to get better.
It doesn’t need to be all encompassing.


Coach Theia- I think you have been in my head for your first post of Fit & Festive. Perfect timing because I have been trying to work on my mind. I often care too much about what other people think and worry about letting down my team. The reality with my team is that they are all super supportive and I don’t think they would ever judge me. I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in my output when I can get relaxed. I have been trying to figure out why I have been so inconsistent in my races and I really think that that might be the biggest piece. I think I’m gonna love my first Fit & Festive.