Ideas to pimp up and balance meals


I generally struggle with ideas for my evening meal to ensure they are nutritionally balanced (well actually struggle with ideas for all meals but will focus on the evening meal for now). Having to avoid gluten, dairy, mushrooms and wanting to stay clear of sugar makes things tricky so my meals are often bland - leading to me craving something tasty and often reaching for post meal snacks.
So, I thought I’d tap into the combined knowledge of the 360 Velo family and see what ideas you might have to make things a little more interesting…
Tonight’s post workout meal is grilled chicken breast (cooked with a little peri peri salt), baked sweet potato with a little dairy free cheese and steamed veggies with a sprinkling of nutritional yeast.

There’s some flavour but it’s all pretty bland and dry :thinking:


Seems like a pretty balanced meal to me, you just need to spice it up a bit. Sweet potatoes taste great with chili spices - chipotle for smokey, cayenne or paprika for something sharper. We are big fans of chili spices at my house. Also garlic and onions. Butternut squash makes an excellent sauce, you can spice it up with various flavors. Mushroom gravy is pretty awesome. We make sauces with different kinds of miso paste. Mustard can be a great base for a sauce too. You can also make a great sour cream using silken tofu or soaked cashews. And mushroom gravy, have you ever tried it? Also, spicy peanut sauce is good for more than just pad thai. And curries, we love curry. Check out Monkey and Me for some great meal and spice ideas and vegan richa If there is any specific flavor or recipe you are looking for, let me know and I probably have one squirreled away that I can share with you :grinning:


Thanks @Stefanie that gives me a good few options to try. I’ve got a mushroom allergy (along with all the other food intolerances) so will avoid the mushrooms sauce :see_no_evil:
Tonight I’m trying my hand at making a tofu curry - Hannah loves curry so this could be a good test of my cookery skills…


Bummer about the mushroom allergy. Good luck with the curry!


I love spices- pretty much all of them- and specially from ethnic foods. Unfortunately, I am the Queen of Bland Foods when it comes to preparing my own. Main reasons being (1) no time; (2) no patience. So below is what I typically eat. I prepare things in bulk so that I only need to do it twice a week. It gets pretty boring… on the flip side, it is predictable; a guarantee that I will eat something nutritious and balanced.

I make sure to have the following 3 items in all meals: vegetables, starchy vegetable or grain, lean protein. That is what works best for me - for my metabolism, energy requirements, and athletic performance. Everyone is unique.

Sample lunch on-the-go: quinoa salad (tomatoes, cucumbers) mixed with ground turkey breast, brussel sprouts and baby carrots.

Oven-roasted vegetables- usually broccoli, cauliflower, zuchinni, carrots, sweet poratoes… with grape seed oil, sea salt and pepper:

As I said above, with the veggies I eat a portion of starchy vegetables or grains (brown rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes) and lean protein (turkey breast, chicken, eggs, pork tenderloin or wild-caught salmon).


Lemon squeezed on sweet potato is really good. An alternative to pepper.


I like this idea! I love lemon squeezed on fish and pork- never tried it on potato!