Meal planning with grocery list and recipes app

I came across this app that seems really interesting for those of us who are [ahem] challenged in the “cooking” department (me!!) and who are not very well organized with grocery shopping (me again):

You start by setting up any food allergies/restrictions/dislikes, then select portion size for meals (number of people, which can also be used for extras to have left overs for the next day), etc. I will be honest here, there is NO way I will be cooking every day. But I want to give this app a try to cook at least a few days/week.

As with any new habit, I have to start small. That means my initial goal is to cook ONE meal per week using this app and see how it goes!

Does anyone have any other hacks/ideas to get organized for their weekly meals?

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Please let us know how it goes. I am the same, and mealtime is like Christmas to me. I know it’s coming around but I am not prepared for it.


@Coach_Theia that sounds like a cool app, i’m Going to look into it! I tend to make something, usually Sat or Sun that lasts fro 3-5 days - so it gets boring after a couple of days :confused: of course i also get the same thing every day for lunch 4-5 days a week at the office and have the same smoothie weekdays - creature of habit or too lazy to experiment? I only have to worry about myself, not sig other or kids, so i have no excuse - maybe this app will help me out! I cant even blame it totally on travel.

I have so many diet restrictions and then also cook for my family. I feel like a short order cook sometimes. I try and cook most nights or make things that last 2 days. But with 3 men in the house that is difficult sometimes.
I usually batch cook my food and freeze it so I can always use that if I’m stuck. Mushroom quinoa burgers, beet bean burgers, zucchini fritters. And during the school year yogurt for breakfast and a super sized fresh salad for lunch.

Nothing wrong with getting the same thing for lunch @PaleGail if that’s something that works well for you. In fact, finding what works and repeating it eliminates the need to spend (mental) energy. As long as your diet is varied in the sense that it includes different colors, so that you are getting those vitamins and minerals, there is no need to get fancy or change. I am a very adventurous eater, in that I will try anything and will eat pretty much anything, including ethnic foods, spices, etc. but I avoid cooking like the plague! hahahahaha!!!

@juliette that’s a great analogy :rofl: the key to consistency is automation. Anything you can do to facilitate/automate the process will increase the chances that it will remain consistent. That’s what I am hoping this app will help with. We shall see…

@Gossimrr sounds like you have some good recipes! yum!