New Zwift Womens Group


We have created a private group in the forum for women who use Zwift to interact, ask questions, exchange ideas and knowledge, find accountability peers and organize meetups/rides.

Please let me know if you are interested in joining that group and I will add your name! Also, feel free to invite your friends.

Note: if you are a part of the Women’s Cycling Challenge, you have already been added to the Zwift Women’s Group!


I want to join that group, please :hugs:


I thought I was added, but it still has not shown up for me.

thanks :grinning:


I have added both of you. That is so strange that you can’t see it… Let me check that again… @emily_s


It should be working now!! Please try again @emily_s


Hi! Great idea! Can you add me? :blush:


Of course! You are in @Fla2209!


@Cory, @kimbeazer, @Calliegs @denningjanis @EllieB @Fla2209 @Jojo @louisecopp @KarenBonham @naomiw @Sylvie @Melissa are you able to access the group? Here is the link:


Got it thanks :slight_smile:


I’d like to join please


@osteoclinics you are already there and should be able to see it under the Zwift category. Please let me know if not…


Please add me as well.


@Carrie you are already in as well! Check Zwift -> Zwift Women category please.


Hey hey I got an email I was part of the challenge but I don’t think I’m part of the group yet? On Facebook my name is slightly different though, Christina JHan :wink:


Yes, you are in… take a look under the Zwift -> Zwift Women category


I’d like to join the group, please.


You are already in, @chefsteph5522!


Hi all! I can’t wait to start the challenge! But still I can’t find “the button” to connect zwift to training peaks…:thinking:


Hi- did you follow the instructions in the link above? Once you allow Zwift to connect to TrainingPeaks, you are all set! This is the page where you connect the two:


I would love to join, please!