Nutrition for arthritis prone?

I’ve known fcr several years I am goign to have arthritis, at least in my fingers. Lately my fingers seem to be more sore/stiff. Yes, i know i need to soon chat with my doctor but I have to think that perhaps my diet might be able to help? I see varying reports on the web about good/bad for inflammation. Any sources that you recommend @Coach_Theia ?

Hi @PaleGail! Apologies for the delay in responding.

Good nutrition can certainly help your body and help with arthritis by managing inflammation and supporting your immune system. The web is a crazy and confusing place when it comes to nutrition advice.

Just a little background, not all inflammation is created equal and not all inflammation is negative. In fact, our bodies need a certain level of inflammation and are usually able to manage it just fine without the need for supplementation provided we eat a nutritious diet.

Having said that, arthritis is a health condition that causes more inflammation than we need and is often accompanied with pain. Here is where my disclaimer comes in that I am not a doctor or expert… nevertheless, I can offer the following comments:

  • Doctors almost always default to drugs, so finding natural ways to cope/alleviate health problems is always worth pursuing outside of traditional medicine - I am not saying “ditch the doctor”, I am just suggesting that you explore natural ways to make it better as a way to complement/support traditional medicine (which is probably why you posted the question in the first place :wink: )
  • Find nutritional deficiencies as a first step and consider taking supplements and/or adding the foods to your diet that will curb the deficiencies
  • Consider taking an Omega-3 supplement (5-10g of fish oil or 1g of algae oil), but make sure to ask your doctor that this does not conflict with any medication. Virtually everyone benefits from more Omega-3s, but it is particularly helpful in people with chronic inflammation (e.g., from arthritis)
  • Minimize processed carbohydrates. Too many refined carbs and added sugars may increase inflammation. Aim to no more than one serving per day.
  • Drink green tea
  • Eat 1-2 fist size servings of vegetables at each meal
  • Focus on overall health (sleep, stress-management, nutrition)

As for sources of arthritis-specific info I am not familiar with any, but it is usually safe to look for the website of a national foundation, such as

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Sorry for the late response @Coach_Theia - traveled this week :confused: so enjoying being home and staying in tonight! You are correct, I asked here because i hope to not end up on meds for some time yet and i know you have good resources - i can google it but I’m not as knowledgeable about good vs not so good websites for nutrition. I know what I should eat and what i should skip but sometimes having someone point it out is helpful :blush:, I appreciate the insights greatly!!!

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