Omega 3 Supplements - new FDA statement

Hello, I’m taking Omega 3 since 1 year ago, they are considered great for blood pressure, thyroid, hearth, eyes, etc. I found an FDA statement in which, declaring EPA and DHA to be safe, they neglected to evaluate their effects.

Here it is:

So I’m wondering if I might continue taking the Omega 3 or not. What do you know about that?

@mariannamarcucci the answer is “the right kind of fish oil can be really beneficial. For the right people. In the right amounts. But caution is warranted. Use the wrong kind of oil, in the wrong amounts, and instead of improving your health you could be increasing your risk.”

Personally, I used to take Cod Liver Oil but not consistently, and stopped a while ago. I do eat fatty fish at least twice a week and eat nuts and seeds. If you get it from foods, there is no need to supplement.

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