Rice balls/cakes recipes

Reminded by Stefanie’s mention of rice balls during her 24hr race, I would love to hear your combos. We have made rice cakes for years but our youngest has not found one she loves yet so we hardly make them, anymore. We love Allen Lim’s original recipe (egg, bacon, parm, aminos, brown sugar), a sweet PB one (w choc chips, syrup), and a sweet coconut milk one (fresh blueberries, choc chips). Thanks!

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I like the sweet ones. I make a PB one but with almond butter instead (PB gives me a headache), then a variation with almond butter and sliced bananas. Another simple option is just the rice and a “healthier” version of Nutella (I just mix almond butter with dark chocolate powder and some maple syrup). You could also try rice and soy sauce.

I also saw a recipe once with cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla extract. Looked interesting!

Speaking of recipes… I just found this book. Looks interesting!


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My favorite rice ball is sushi rice with a little coconut milk, tahini, and sesame, flax or hemp seeds :slight_smile:


Can someone post a general recipe for them? How do you get the rice to stick together well enough? I haven’t really attempted them because I can’t stand the texture of cold rice, but I admit to being intrigued by all of the people I’ve heard talk about them.

It’s all about the kind of rice you use and how you cook it @stacypro. You need a more glutinous rice like sushi rice and when it’s done cooking you need to give it a good stir to break it up a bit and really bring out the stickiness. The Feed Zone Portables book has lots of rice cake/ball recipes. I will see if I can find an actual recipe tonight for the tahini ones I like.

Since we are talking about rice balls, has anyone tried ohagi before? I love red beans so I am tempted to try making them sometime.

I couldn’t find my tahini recipe but here is one for cinnamon apple rice. I got it from the Feed Zone cookbook

3 C uncooked sticky rice
4 1/2 C water
1 apple, peeled and minced
2 TBS raw sugar (I’m sure you could sub another sweetener)
juice of 1 lemon

Combine rice, water, and dash or salt in a rice cooker and let cook

When the rice is finished cooking, transfer to a large bowl and add the apple, sugar, and lemon juice

Once all ingredients are mixed, adjust seasoning to taste. Spread the mix in a 9 x 12 baking pan and sprinkle with toppings if desired.

Let set for a few minutes, then cut into squares.

Hope this helps @stacypro!

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@Coach_Theia this looks great but i can only find the Dutch version online that ships to the US :confused:

I’m going to try this @Stefanie !! I’ll be instant potting the rice too!

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I have a Japanese rice cooker that cooks the sushi rice to perfection. But you can also use a regular pan, as long as you use sushi rice so that it gets sticky.

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@Stefanie - when we make the rice cakes, we do wrap each one like Allen does. :blush: When you make them into balls, do you also wrap them with foil?

I rarely wrap anything @adm0629 unless it’s going in a jersey pocket. I have a top tube feed bag and I shove my food in there where it sometimes becomes survival of the fittest as things tend to get mashed together. Keeps things interesting when you reach in and never quite know what you might get :laughing:

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I’ve used foil but find it that it’s not the best option. Skratch sells a special paper- it’s not super expensive- and that one is the best. I put the rice cakes in quarter size ziptop bags in the fridge, then when 't’s cool and time to use it, I cut squares and wrap with the Skratch paper.