Smoothie recipes!

Hello everyone! Let’s share some of your favorite smoothie recipes! Please include a comment indicating when you typically have a specific smoothie (pre or post- workout, any time as a snack, at breakfast, etc).

I will kick it off by sharing the ingredients that I include in 99.9% of my smoothies. These are the “base” of all my smoothies. To that, I add fruits, protein powder, egg whites, etc. depending on the time of the day and whether it is a recovery smoothie after a workout. I use water or coconut water.

Post-workout smoothie- I add a scoop of Glukos if the session was intense or long along with 15g-20g of protein (whey powder). Then I add fruits- usually banana, mangoes and/or frozen pinneaple.

Snack smoothie - I add 10g of protein and a smaller amount of fruit or no fruit (except avocado).

Missing from the picture - chia seeds
Almond butter is often replaced with avocado, for variety


If my stomach is acting up I can’t tolerate solids in the morning, at which point I’ll make a smoothie with banana, almond milk, cinnamon, honey and a scoop of organic peanut butter… It’s also my go to smoothie if I’m having a super peckish day


My favorite smoothie for a snack or after a long ride on a hot day is frozen bananas, peanut butter, non-dairy milk, some hemp or flax seeds, and unsweetened cocoa powder. If I want it a little sweet I will add a some agave or a medjool date. If there is some cauliflower in the fridge I will toss some of that in to make it extra thick and creamy. If we have fresh from the garden raspberries, honeyberries or cherries some of those might find their way in too.


Never tried cauliflower in a smoothie before, might have to give that one a go :yum:

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@Coach_Theia For the egg whites, do you crack a egg?
@Stefanie Cauliflower sounds interesting. I am going to try it.

I make a smoothie most work mornings (Monday-Friday). My base is a mix of greens, frozen berries, and water. Then, I will add other ingredients as I am in the mood (pineapple, yogurt, avocado, cabbage, banana, carrots). This is a picture of my weekly shopping for smoothie ingredients.

1st glass: Before AM workout or before work
2nd glass: After workout w/ added protein powder or after morning meeting

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Hi Tina-- I use the pasteurized egg whites from a carton. Can’t taste it at all in the smoothie. Although I heard that cooked egg whites are better absorbed by our bodies than raw eggs.

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I’ve just made a breakfast smoothy - oats coconut milk carrots chia seeds cinnamon nutmeg banana pecans. It’s very filling!


Nice! I’ll give that one a try.

Oooo! I like this!

Power Smoothie
This was created for Cynthia Aguilar who prone paddled from Cuba to Key West it is a pre workout meal easy to digest with a combo of complex carbs and simple carbs with a boost of coconut oil.
2 bananas ( frozen makes it creamier)
1/3 cup cooked oat groats
2 dates pitted
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1 tablespoon almond butter
1 cup filtered water
Blend everything bin a blender
Tip. Cook 1 cup whole oats (groats) with 3 cups water
Bring to a boil and simmer for 35-40mins This will keep for a week in the refrigerator

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This looks really good! It has 100+ grams of carbs with good fat to help transport it and coconut water for hydration. Great for big events!

For 60-90 min intense workouts, you’d probably only need 30-40g of carbs.

Okay, I may get speared for this one… I’ve been wanting to ask about it for awhile, now. I was making a sizable green/fruit smoothie daily but then read an article about overdoing it with oxalates from the greens (I was probably using over 3c) and was looking for simplicity, as I couldn’t make any of them ahead of time or things would start to mold. So I switched to Healthy Skoop Daily Greens with Adaptogens, Chocofresh flavor:

I mix it with a half a banana and probably 1/3c of almond milk. Thoughts on the ingredients/benefits? @cullenac

Angie- the oxalates can be a real issue. I had a kidney stone about 3.5 years ago, when I was still a vegan. At the time, I was eating spinach every single day (and had been for the past 5+ years). My GP and urologist said that spinach can indeed increase the likelihood of getting kidney stones. The other thing I used to consume daily that can cause kidney issues is black tea. Of course there is a genetic predisposition- nevertheless, I switched to other greens (kale, arugula) and no longer drink black tea. Just thought I would share my experience.

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I just had a super yummy smoothie the other day. Here’s the recipe:

I didn’t have any coconut milk so just added more nondairy milk and my green powder was spirulina. It wasn’t a strong pumpkin pie flavor but it was there. And if you are worried about the oxalates in the spinach kale would be a fine sub I’d think.

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Hi Andrea @cullenac! I would love to hear your nutritional knowledge feedback on the smoothie I’m now making (see post just above). I’d really appreciate it- so much thanks in advance!

Oh Andrea! @cullenac - you cut out during the smoothie discussion? I guess I just want to know if this quoted product is a good one or a fad? Thanks! -Angie