Trying out the new Nutrition app for Athletes: Fuelin

Hi All! Just to let you know that I will be testing/trying out a new app called Fuelin that is supposed to take the guess work out of how to eat/how much to eat for performance and recovery. They seem to have some solid scientists behind it and after exchanging a few messages with them, they explained that it syncs with Today’s Plan and it is not only for triathletes.

I am curious because, after coaching Nutrition for a while, I saw that there was a gap… The nutrition apps at the time were very generic and did not take into account activity level etc., leaving it up to the Nutrition coach to help close the gap- but the problem is, that was hard to do in practice- on a daily basis- with all the variations in athletes’ activities. It’s possible, but time-consuming and for most, cost-prohibitive.

I will keep you all posted about my experience with the app. I have no affiliation with them, for full disclosure. But maybe they’d offer a group discount? :thinking:

Stay tuned.


This looks interesting. My struggle with the nutrition apps tracking apps is being vegan. I also think I have an unhealthy relationship with weight and these apps just mess with me. Since I stopped tracking I’m doing better.

I look forward to your repost and insights as always!

I’ll be very interested to hear your thoughts on Fuelin.