Women and nutrition according to hormonal phases

Interesting read for the ladies about how nutrition for women should take into account different phases of the menstrual cycle. YES to chocolate!

“In healthy, premenopausal women who are not taking hormonal contraceptives, both energy intake and food preferences have been shown to change because of hormonal fluctuations during the menstrual cycle (3, 5–7, 10, 14). The highest preference for sweetness is shown in the luteal phase, and in this phase, ad libitum energy intake has been shown to be significantly higher (≤165 kcal more than in the follicular phase) (5, 6). Traditional weight-loss programs have generally specified energy intake and the level of physical activity often as a repeating weekly schedule. The Menstralean program met the natural increase in energy intake and changes in preferences by allowing an increased dietary fat content and an extra 200 kcal/d (as dark chocolate) in the luteal phase.”

“The combination of a higher protein content, especially in the luteal phase, combined with meeting the more frequent and intense cravings for sweet foods by allowing dark chocolate may have increased adherence to the diet and, thus, caused the additional weight loss in the Menstralean group.”


Woo hoo - I’ll now be marking the calendar with days I should eat dark chocolate :hugs::drooling_face: